Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Somethings Are Too Precious In Your Marriage Or Relationships To Be Shared With Others.

You may have nodded your head in agreement for the topic of this post or probably you are wondering and thinking about what could those things be.

Any well, the truth is that sincerely somethings Are Too Precious To be Shared with other but this time I am channeling it on Marriage and Relationships, so this post concerned both singles and married including young and old citizens.

In marriage and relationships, whether you just started or just got married and the happiness and love is giving you excitement such like something you couldn't imagined that you will receive from someone who truly love you, don't expose your marriage or relationship source of happiness to someone else no matter how much you care about the person or how deep you believe that both of you are in friendship.

Telling your friends or colleagues, associates or coworkers your partner's name should be enough, don't go far to the point of explaining how both of you loved each other, how you buy gifts for each other, the pleasant things your partner has done for you such as taking you on vacation to expensive sites, how romantic or intimacy your partner had been to you.

Somethings Are better kept secrets especially between you and your soulmates because discussing it with someone else would give that person an opportunity to intrude in your affairs because there's no one who doesn't like something precious.

Now imagine the person you are discussing these things with was in the past admiring your partner, do you think he or she will just allow you to be enjoying all these things alone?

They will want to have a share of that goodies whether you like it or not, and at the end your marriage or relationship maybe damaged.

Don't take pleasure in advertising your pregnancy, financial plans, your source of income even if it's big or small, your promotion in the office, and your family plan or your personal plans for your children to anyone outside your marriage or on social media because Somethings Are Too Precious In Your Marriage Or Relationships To Be Shared With Others.

All I am saying is that you should keep your marriage or relationship away from public consumption, let all the goodies and pleasures you are enjoying only be known to you and your sweetie.

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