Tuesday, May 7, 2024

My Childhood Memories I Can't Easily Forget.

True life story.
To be honest with you, I was not born into a rich family although my parents are not poor, they are farmers, agriculture is their main source of living, still not poor but above average.

I am the first child of my parents. My father married two wives and in all, we are 10 in number.

I was born in the village, I mean I was born and brought up in the rural and river area in Utchi, a town understand Ndokwe East Local government area part of Delta state, Nigeria. As at that time, there's nothing like electricity supply or any other social amenities.

All my primary and secondary education successfully was done there before I now travel to Nekede in Imo State to do my higher education, in Nekede I studied at Federal Polytechnic Nekede, Imo State.

Before I left the village to study in Nekede in Imo State.
Yes before I left the village to the city, we had no experience of electricity supply, borehole water, good roads, or good health care centers but there are many pleasing memories I can't get forget in a hurry;

1. Eating freshly made food every day. Because There's no electricity supply, nobody thinks about refrigerator for preserving foods so what we do is to cook the ones we can eat at once either for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and it's cooked with firewoods.

2. We make use of lantan that is powered by wool and kerosene. View the picture as attached and the memory is fantastic because as at then, maintaining it was not costly.

3. The use of mobile phone was not a boring thing because it became like radio and also everyone becomes their own DJ playing their favorite music on their phone.

4. The touch light back then wasn't rechargeable but was powered by cell tiger or flash batteries which the maintenance also wasn't hard because both the touch light and these batteries are not cost in the market.

There was a whole lot of enjoyments, there's nothing to bother because there's enough food to eat which you can get from the farm.
There's fish of different kinds which you can get it yourself when you go fishing in the river or stream and enjoy your fresh meal. 

The only thing rare but not hard to get is red meat such as cow meat, goat meat and others because you have to buy them from far distance market.

I have put together in a picture some of those things for viewing pleasure.
Feel free to add your memories using the comments box.

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