Sunday, March 27, 2022

Midnight Prayer For Deliverance From The Satanic, Demonic And Witchcraft CAGES.

ACTS  12: 7 - 8; Also, view, the Holy messenger of the God, came and sparkled in the jail and he touched Peter's shoulder, and raised him up saying stand up, and his chains tumbled off from his hands and legs immediately.

Vs 8 - What's more, the holy messenger said unto him, brace your self, and tie your shoes. Thus he did, and he said unto him again, cast your article of clothing about you and follow me.

PSALMS  124: 6 - 7. Blessed be the Lord God our creator, who has not given us as food for them to feed on us.

Vs 7 - Our spirit is gotten away as a bird out of the catch of the fowlers, the catch is broken, and we are saved.

Dearest, as we read in the above sacred texts, the expression of God discusses detainment facilities and catches where the foe places us in servitude and our requests today are based on deliverance from evil prisons snares, cells, cages where our souls have been captured in cages of poverty, setback failure, stagnation, sickness and infirmity, hardship, lack, rejection, bondage.

POWERFUL MIDNIGHT PRAYER POINTS For Deliverance From The Satanic, Demonic, And Witchcraft CAGES.

1. Let the angel of the lord break you loose and deliver you from any satanic demonic and witchcraft cage, prison, snare, or cell in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

2. By the blessing of God that breaks any burden I come against any specialist of haziness, witch, evil power that has oppressed you, detained, captured you, confined you and I send the holy messenger of the master to liberate you, lose you from that servitude in the strong name of Jesus Christ, amen.

3 . Oh Lord in heaven, give me wings like an eagle, and let me fly away high and above every evil cage of stagnation, sickness, backwardness, rise and fall, failure in life, and rejection by my destiny helpers, let me escape toa place of safety in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

4 . Be delivered, loosed, set liberated from any evil, wicked, and black magic enclosure, jail, cell, or subjection, I break the black magic revile, loosen up and liberated from each rope, chain, and burden. Be loosed in the strong name of Jesus Christ, so be it, amen.

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