From this moment the gate that leads to happiness will not be closed against you.

You shall have access to heaven's abundant blessings and share great testimonies with joy.
Your ordained spouse will locate you as you go out today.

No matter how long you have been praying for that special someone, today is you will meet him in Jesus Christ's mighty name, amen.

Any kingdom or throne that has been causing a delay in your Marriage, today I render them powerless in the name of Jesus Christ.

Your feet will take You to your land of honor and blessing.
What you don't know will not kill you because you are a child of Grace.

All your hanging breakthroughs and benefits shall be released to you now in the name of Jesus Christ.

Your mandatory benefactors, Your mandatory head lifters, and Your mandatory glory announcers shall locate you and perform their duties in your life. It's well with all that concerns you in Jesus' Mighty Name.
Receive the grace for a Happy Marriage...

You are blessed.


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