If you are in love with someone, please don't keep it for a special day when you will announce it to the person.

Are you the only one that's staying in that area with him or her?
So why would you think that the person will not be taken by another person who's also dying for his love?
How would you think that he will be waiting for you to tell him that you love him when another person has already declared love for him?

Come to think of it, hope you know that you may be dying for someone but the person doesn't even know that you exist not to talk of reciprocating your love for him?
In as much as another lady has deeply won his heart, just know that you are nowhere close to his love world.

Approach the person you love politely and lovely tell him or her your emotional drive towards him because you are not the only one seeing him or her walking down the street every time.

Dear Singles and beautiful ladies.
Please don't harm yourself because someone your eyes have been on for a long time is getting married to another lady. The simple fact is that he's not yours.

I want you to know that someone somewhere is praying without ceasing just to have you in his life.
Someone right in your street is praying that you can give him a chance to tell you his emotional drive towards you.
You are unique and beautiful as well.

Be patient and keep praying to God for your dream man to find you.
Don't give up on love because it's a beautiful thing.
Don't do anything you will regret tomorrow just because of someone that's not yours.

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