Sunday, May 5, 2024

How To Make Your Marriage Joyful And Stronger.

Looking to make your marriage stronger? Here are simple tips to keep love alive:

1. Use cute nicknames on each other.
2. Respect each other's role in the family irrespective of your position.

3. Be understanding when there's arguments or misunderstanding and your is upset.

4. Stay calm during every arguments and apologize later if you used bad words on your partner.

5. Say sorry anytime you offended your lover and show appreciation for everything done for you whether big or small.

6. Speak well of your to others because you are Carrying the image of each other.

7. Respect your families, especially your parents and other members.

8. Surprise your partner with his or her favorite meals especially when they never expected to receive it from you.

9. Serve husband food yourself, don't give your domestic workers the opportunity to do that because that's your rightful duty or position in him life and in the Marriage.

10. Show affection in public not just at home as this will increase love bond and decrease attraction from others.

11. Praise your partner in front of your kids it will make them to be happy that mommy and daddy and living a peaceful life.

12. Show physical affection often.
13. Leave love notes on the bedroom or dining table or somewhere you know that your soulmate will surely see it. Love not serves as reminder of how deep you truly love the person and you are also ready to love them more in the future.

14. Call your spouse just to say you miss him or her, especially when they have gone to work or business or even went to shopping.

15. Call randomly to say "I love you my darling and immediately off the phone, it will make your partner to have a deep decent smile and possibly call back to reciprocate."

16. Surprise your significant other with affectionate words whenever they are busy, it tells the person that love them and appreciated what they are doing.

17. Let your darling know you're grateful for having him or her in your life, sincerely give an appreciating words.

18. Hug your partner unexpectedly especially while cooking in the kitchen whether dinner or breakfast.

19. Always pray and thank God for your partner's life and general well-being, and pray your intentions for the Marriage.

20. Pray for the children, this includes their education, religious life, and the friends they keep, and ask God to always be in charge of them because he cares for all without complain.

21. Pray together before bedtime because if God didn't protect you, you can not protect yourself and family.

These tips can make your marriage happier and stronger!

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