Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Dear Parents And Intending Parents, I Have Important Advise For You.

Whether you are already had children as married couple or you are still single and searching for your soulmate, it's crucial you take this advise very much important, I am writing to you as a parent not just as a pastor or only as a marriage counselor.

Do you you know that there's power in spoken words? Fact check me using the word of God in Proverbs 18: 21-22.
As a parent your words on your children has power but the results is determined by what you said, I mean if you said positive things it will yield positive impact but if you said negative although rebuking words but are still negative, the results it will yield will be negative.

Control your temper, and your tongue most especially when you are angry because of your child. Remember many of  these words don't manifest immediately both the positive ones and the harsh words, and the most funny part is that by the time it will start manifesting you have forgotten about it, that could be a decade ago that you said those words.

My neighbor 25 years ago out of anger told one of his son that walls will fall on him just because the son mistakenly broke a well furniture mirror her mother gifted to her on their wedding day.

The boy naturally grow into adulthood, become rich and was doing well in his business, he was building his on house and while going round the building to see observe the work of engineers and give instructions for corrections if need be, unknown to him, there was a place where the bricklayer was still working on but couldn't finish it because of shortage of materials before they closed work the previous day, while try to pass through that way to inspect other parts of the building, that wall fell on him.

He was immediately rushed to the nearest hospital, the condition was serious and his life was supported with oxygen, while in comma, his mother remembered what she said to him 25 years ago, and start apologizing and was praying for his life that she wants to reverse the words, but sincerely it was already late because as at that time, the young man has kicked bucket.

I am very sure that you grabbed a good lesson from this life touching story.

Not only on your children, also on your spouse and even other people around you, mind the words you speak to them, let it be something that when you hear the results you will be glad in your heart and start praising yourself that you are either a prophet that his words comes to reality or a visioneer who speaks and it happens.

Finally, if you control your temper and your tongue you will enjoy the fruits of your words even till old age.

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