The 11 Things So Many People Don't Understand About Love.

Love is powerful, love is not blind and there is true love. Love speaks no evil, love may be wicked but that's if you fall in love with the wrong person.

Due to the numerous broken marriages and relationships today in society and also going by the fact that both rich and poor couples are recorded in the book of divorce and broken marriages, the world is left with surprise on what can keep a marriage alive and successful if the richest are getting divorced, and also what is the true meaning of love. To these questions, below are what so many people don't understand about love.

1) Don't expect your spouse to be in a happy mood every day just because he loves you, it is not that he hates you or doesn't want to have anything to do with you again, it is simply because there can be downtime in a lovely marriage or relationship.

2) There will be a time when your spouse will not give you the attention or the intimacy you want, it is not that you are being snubbed or unattractive, it is just that he is working hard for the financial success of your marriage.

3) There will be a time your partner will do something wrong to you, he doesn't mean to hurt you, remember no man is perfect, you have to forgive and let go, that's part of what makes love a beautiful thing.

4) There will be friends in your life whether you are still in a relationship or already married but don't for one day doubt that your spouse is your first priority.

5) There will be a day when your partner will not be in the mood to have conversations with anyone not even you, he will not be ready for fun, jokes, and laughs, It's not that you are boring or maybe scary, he or she just wants to be left alone to enable him to think about life and it's surprising.

6) There will be a moment when he will be in the mood for lovemaking but unfortunately, you may not be in the mood at the same time too but you have to satisfy your partner's bedroom need, that's love.

7) Sometimes your spouse will raise their voice against you, it is not that he does not respect you, he could be under pressure to resolve urgent issues, at this point, understanding and love are important.

8) Right after your honeymoon, you will start seeing opposite genders that are more successful, charming, good attitude, beautiful, or handsome than your spouse, this is when self-control will help you to deal with the temptation of infidelity. Loving your spouse is more than verbal expression.

9) Loving your spouse is when you understand that there will be ups and downs in marriage and you don't have to back out of the marriage because of these challenges.

10) Love is when you know that your husband's money is for the family and relatives and the same applies to your own money as well.

11) Loving your spouse is to understand that storms are inevitable in marriage. There is no marriage without storms and standing with your spouse is very important for the success and happiness of your Marriage.

Life is full of unforeseen, and unpredictable situations, days are not the same, but when love is constant, your own Marriage will overcome.

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