Thursday, April 9, 2020


Spiritual spouse is monsters, they operate in the spiritual realms, Their major realm is water, and that's where they operate from.

So many times in different occasions you may have been concerned about the types of dreams you usually have in the night, the kind of people or faces you usually see in your dreams, the environment you usually see yourself which usually look strange to you, and the activities you, of course, see yourself being engaged in within the dream.

So many wrong signs going on in your marriage or relationship, always having serious issues with your partner that are not supposed to emanate.

You have had experienced series of breakups in your dating relationships or divorce in your marriage without being given a good justification for it and not that you are promiscuous to your partner.

It's obvious you are married to a Spiritual Spouse (Succubus and Incubus)

In order to make it more clearer to you, if you are seeing any of these nightmares and signs listed down here, it's clear you have a spiritual spouse in your life.

1) Do you make Love In The Dream with a familiar or unfamiliar person or with a group of people in a place you know or somewhere strange to you?

2) Having Peace Of mind with someone you are married or in a relationship with only in the dream while physically you detest everything about him or her.

3) Seeing yourself with children around you in the dream. It could be people you know physically or those you are living with meanwhile you are not married or you are married but have no kids yet. The truth about it is that you are having fun with the children have already given birth to in the marine world.

4) Given birth in the dream. You are not married and you are not pregnant with your boyfriend, either.
Then unexpectedly you saw yourself giving birth to a child in the dream but you not married or you are married but but don't have a child in this physical world.
It is an sign that you are giving birth to your child in the marine kingdom with your spiritual spouse.

5) Always squabble with your husband or wife, your boyfriend or girlfriend for no just cause or about something that ordinarily you can overlook.
This is happening in your life because the spiritual spouse is very jealous of your union here on earth and he or she is making every effort possible to destroy your happiness with your partner.

6) Finding your physical spouse irritating. No matter the level of efforts your lover is making just to make you happy, you will definitely see something wrong with the efforts and commitment to the relationship and this will make you to start losing interest in the person being your life partner. Within your conscience, you are appreciating the efforts but the spirit spouse who is jealous of your happiness will always make sure you are disturbed and see something wrong with the efforts.

7) Always have a family issue with every little thing with your partner. Little offenses or errors committed by you or your partner usually lead to threats, and stigma, and this makes you not to have recognition or regards for your partner.

8) Bringing bad luck to our spouse. Have you noticed that since you started a relationship with him or married him, his financial status has become nothing to appreciate God?
He lost his job, things become arduous for your family, he started having an affair with another woman,  and to make it worse, you are pregnant for him but he doesn't care. The Spirit spouse is the cause of it, he just wants to frustrate your marriage and take over you fully.

9) The premature death of your spouse and children is caused by the spiritual spouse who is angry about your marriage simply because he no longer enjoys you the way he wants, therefore he wants to create that closeness with force by frustrating you.

10) You have had a numerous marriages with different men in different time, destinations. Almost these marriages ended up without any good reasons why it wasn't successful. You are just giving the excuse that, you are not the type of woman I wanted to marry, or that you are no longer beautiful to him, etc.

11) A spiritual spouse puts people in bondage. It could be in the form of finances, business stagnation, or frustration in your job - from one job to another. Most times you will be making money in your business and you can't give an account of how you usually spend the money. The Spiritual spouse is enjoying your star, your efforts, and the money that you labored so hard to get, even without your permission.

12) Seeing yourself swimming in the dream. As I mentioned earlier, you always swim with familiar or unfamiliar faces. These are your family members in the marine world. Swimming with them is just like taking a walk down the street.

13) Seeing yourself in the family you are not physically related to it. Most times in a beautiful environment, living a gorgeous life while when you are awakened from sleep, you will be surprised to see yourself where you are.

14) Dreaming about a specific man or woman with whom you both are so much in love with each other while physically you are not in any relationship or the one you are currently is, is very toxic. You are just being happy with your partner in the marine world.

15) Lack of urge for intimacy and lovemaking for your partner. You are always weak and less concerned whenever you are needed in the bedroom by your partner. You don't see him attracted to you while in your dream you always respond to that special feeling of love and attention.

16) Always finds it unpleasant or uncomfortable to pray or to attend church services or to read your Bible whether alone or with other believers. Of course, you always remember to do these things but you feel shaky and decided to postpone it for the subsequent day.

17) Fear of the spiritual spouse. This happens mostly after making love with the spiritual spouse in your dreams, he then warned you never to make love with anyone else or you face the consequences. You will be clothed with fear simply because the warning was clear to you but physically you can not see him meanwhile in the night he will still come to make love to you.

18) Doing something that ordinarily, you would not like to be part of it. This includes having an interest in terminating young men's destinies by luring the person to make love to them and being happy in destroying other people's marriages or relationships just to set them against themselves.

19) Submitting yourself for an assignment for the spirit wife. It could be to bring down a great man after making love to him and the like.

20) You are not attracted to men, despite your beauty, your charming appearance, not minding your qualifications or level of personality. You are thinking if you are bewitched by a close relative or if you are not good enough to be approached by a man.
Apparently is not what you think, you are just being encompassed by your spirit husband.

If you are facing any of these challenges listed here or someone you know is going through it in life, don't worry anymore because the solution is here now.

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