We are Experts in Registering of Cooperate Affairs Commission Certificate (CAC)

In Nofbik Business Hub one of our specializations are the registration of CAC certificates in Nigeria for Nigerians both home and abroad.

We are determined to help your business grow by registering it with the Cooperate Affairs Commission (CAC) with little money that you can afford without eliminating your bank account.

Benefits include;
- Easy access to grants, loans, and opportunities.
- Better access to investors.
- Enhanced trust and legitimacy with customers.

- Improved perception with prospective clients, and more.

Reasons Why people choose us:
We are fast in delivering our job to our clients.
You are are our priority so we are determined to satisfy your request.
We are transparent in our communication with our customers because they are the backbone of our business.

Registration fee: 18,000 Naira
Contact us 08026484836 for more information.

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