Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Why You should Appreciate People Now They Are Alive.

Life is better celebrated when your loved ones is still alive.

Don't think or prepare to give your loved ones"a befitting send off" when they are no more on the surface of the earth.

✓ They would rather want you give them befitting support for their business or craft so they can grow intellectually.

✓ Befitting kindness whenever they are financially unstable and needs someone to help them.

✓ Befitting shopping when they lacked something to eat and drink.

✓Befitting check-ins to see how they are doing which can be done via phone call, text messages or video calls.

✓ Befitting meals when they said they have nothing to eat and are very serious about food to eat to quench their hunger or taste. 

✓Befitting posts on social media where you are connected to them appreciating their friendship with you.

Stop thinking about befitting funeral when someone is no more is just a celebration of your love to them at their absence.
Kindly be there for your people whilst they are still alive. Those who need your help would rather wish you helped them NOW than post how wonderful they were after their demise. 

Is not proper to put much efforts in celebrating people when they're dead instead of celebrating them when they are alive, celebrate your loved ones alive is part of showing them love not funeral celebration.

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