Friday, May 3, 2024

What I Know Leadership In Marriage.

True leadership in marriage goes beyond exercising physical authority.

Here's what I know about leadership in marriage; 
It's about guidance for your family both physically, emotionally and mentally, support, and understanding. 

Leading in prayers as well, this is not about just praying for your family in the silent of your heart but also leading them to pray, to religious activities, character towards your soulmate and children, emotional maturity which includes how you handle things both conflicts and peace at home, conflict resolution regarding disagreement and argument between you and your spouse, and even when the child had disagreement within themselves, parenting leadership, and more fosters a strong, loving bond. 

It's not about demanding for submission and loyalty from anyone at home but earning respect through giving genuine love, supporting each other, and being presence to attend to your family needs where you are needed. 

Let's build marriages based on mutual respect and partnership because this is the best way to go! 

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