Saturday, May 18, 2024

Today's Morning Prayer For God's Mercy Day 3.

I Pray For You.

1. This is yet another beautiful day that the Lord has given us to rejoice and be thankful for, may his mercy never run dry in our lives, amen. 

2. Thank you Lord for counting us worthy that You are mindful of us, I pray that in all we do this this month, we shall not be disgrace and disappointed, amen.

3. This week will speak joy, love, mercy, goodness, grace and happiness to you and your family, amen.

4. Your testimony shall be that of thanksgiving and praise that even your neighbor will celebrate with you, amen.

5. In all you do today, grace will speak for you and you will keep your peace, amen.
Wishing you all a blessed week and prosperous afternoon, amen.

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