Thursday, May 9, 2024

The Reality Of Cheating On Your Lover Whether Marriage Or Relationships.

Let's talk about the harsh reality of cheating in relationships. Cheating on a good person is like trading a diamond for a rock—it's a choice, not a mistake, and cheating isn't just physically having affairs with the opposite gender; from the day you start hiding messages, blocking your partner access to your social media, these are signs of deeper issues that you are cheating.

Apologies lose meaning if actions don't change after the apologies. If you feel someone has 'stolen' your partner's emotional connection from you, remember, true love can't be stolen, simply means your partner doesn't truly love you initially and their minds and concentration was on someone else. In actual sense of it, they were physically with you but intimately and emotionally with someone else. 

Don't forget that things like, keeping distance from each other especially maybe because of unresolved disagreement, or temptation don't justify cheating, these are trials that's confronting your union from the angle of your partner.

When someone cheats, it shatters the trust love that's alive in that union; it makes the other person question themselves if actually their partner truly loved them and what could be their main reason for cheating despite their commitment and all the sacrifices they have put in the Marriage. 

They doubt their worth and value to the other person, also their choices, as in whether they are truly the right choice of their partner and if yes, why were they cheated on, all goes on in the mind of victim because of one betrayal.

In relationships or marriage, remember these three rules: no lies to your partner, no cheating on your soulmate, and no empty promises because it will impact negatively on the trust your partner has for you. 

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