Saturday, May 18, 2024

Prayer Points Asking God For A Radiating Day.

Father Lord my maker, on this beautiful Saturday day morning, I pray for immeasurable peace, both within ourselves and in the world around us. 

May we be a source of peace to others both our acquaintances and strangers. 

Almighty God, as we begin this day, help us to focus on the positive things of life and cast aside negative thoughts.

May your love shine through us like the sunrise everyday of our lives.

May our lives be sweet like fanta, may our faces attract favor and greatness to us even from people we are meeting for the first time.

Let the light of your presence shine on us both day and night like the sun and the moon.

Restore happiness so anyone that may have lost theirs because of challenges they have faced in life.

For anyone sick that's reading this prayer, stretch out your hands of healing heal them, and renew their strength.

This we pray to you God in heaven believing that you have answered us, amen.

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