Friday, May 17, 2024

Morning Prayer And Declaration Series Day 2.

Everything you do in life, remember your faith will help you to achieve more, so as you pray this prayer, pray them with deep faith and you will see it manifesting.

I Pray For You.
1. God’s goodness and Mercy shall follow you throughout this month and this year and all your efforts will meet with success, amen.

2. As you give your resources to the less fortunate, you will receive a thousand fold from God as a reward for good deeds, amen.

3. Today, your steps will be ordered by God almighty, you will go and come back safely and blessed, amen.

4. Your business or job will not suffer financial setbacks for any reason, amen.

5. I prophecy that you will be promoted this year in your office, you shall flourish like a tree planted by the river side, amen.

6. What you will eat will not be scarce for you, I also declare that sudden death will not know you and your family, amen.

Remain blessed and divinely protected

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