Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Morning Prayer And Declaration Series Day 1.

From today I will posting morning prayers in this domain for morning blessings from God as we pray.

It's very important to pray every morning, whether you are rushing out to work or you are late to work make sure you pray to involve God in a special way about you day activities, it has a lot of positive impact on us, so don't forget to join as we drop prayer points here.

These prayers points here doesn't stop you from saying your desire to God in your own way and religion but rather we I am giving you a guide or steps to start.

Joining me here is still enough for God to bless you handsomely because no prayer is too big or too small for God to answer, the most important is that you make sure that you pray and that you prayed with your heart focused on God and what you are asking him to do for you.

I Pray For You,

I Thank God for waking us up this very beautiful morning, and I give Him praise, adoration and honour all these, amen.

The Lord will honour His Word in your life as you give Him thanks and praise in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

Challenges will come to you but God will make a way for you to overcome them as they come and you and your household will be victorious.

In any homes, Marriages, and relationships where there are no trust, loyalty, peace and harmony, I pray as a messenger of God, that there will be healing and divine restoration now, and all that has one wounds or the other such as emotional wounds, I pray for immediate healing upon you now, amen.

You will return home from your place of business and work safely in the mighty without any form of ugly story, accident will not know you or know your direction, you are blessed as you return home, amen.

I declare that you will overtake your enemies in your source of income either business or you are a civil servant, amen.

Have a great and happy day dear beloved.

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