Monday, May 6, 2024

Dear Married Couples, Take These Important Advise.

As we all know that Marriage is full of challenges, arguments, misunderstanding and even unforseen circumstances.

I want to advise you because I have been married for 10 years now but I am happy for how good I am my spouse has been together despite the challenges that has confronted us.

So read carefully;
There are things you should not do in the presence of your children whenever you are with your partner because of the negative impact it will produce in the life of your kids.
Things like;

Don't quarrel or exchange harsh words with your soulmate, and if at all that you can't control your anger, never you react in the presence of your children, they can't forget such bad memories.

Don't raise your voice against your spouse, if you are ever angry because of what he or she said to you, control your temper and walk away then come back later to settle things amicably, don't raise your voice or your hand on your spouse not to talk about doing it in the presence of your children.
Don't disrespect your wife or husband, the results it will yield in the life of your children will negatively affect your relationship with them, and also possibly make them to think that Marriage could be a warzone therefore scaring the person from getting married or make the person to believe that's how to be in a marriage.

So today I am advicing that you create with your soulmate the kind of marriage that will make your to wish or desire to get married when they grow into adulthood.

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