Wednesday, April 24, 2024

✓Prayer Asking God For Happy Marriage.

Happy marriage is not something that happens overnight so you need to involve God the main director of all of our lives affairs including Marriage.

Let's pray now for a happy marriage.
Oh God my father and my all....

1. I am asking you today to be the super glue that holds my spouse and I tight in love.

2. Please help us to heal us from the pain of our past mistakes and trials so that we don't bleed mentally and emotionally against each other.

3. I sincerely ask you today that whatever direction you want us to go, just communicate it to anyone of us, exactly as You communicated Your plans to Joseph and Mary the earthly parents of our Lord Jesus Christ when You gave them Jesus because this will help us to willingly move together in unity.

4. Be merciful because we may have started our family from an ungodly generational ways that were practiced by my parents in the past but today we are asking for your mercy.

5. Mercifully and with love Caution me and my spouse whenever we offend you and not turn your back against us.

6. Is it your wish to allow trials or challenges to come to us so we can grow in faith and trust you more, my father graciously give us the grace to go through it and come out victoriously.

7. Eliminate every evil plans made against us by anyone, you are all our hope and please do not let us down.

8. We truly hope in your physical and spiritual protection, please always protect us and our children from every unforseen condition.

9. As you have united us, my God help us to have peace that is bigger than our imagination and understanding.

10. As You have put love and happiness in our minds, give us your spirit of reconciliation to always and quickly forgive and reconcile with each other whenever we fall out.

11. Help us to understand that loving each other selflessly is important because love is part of your commandments 

These prayers we have prayed in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

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