Thursday, August 12, 2021

The 27 Ways To Be A Romantic Husband.

One of the best ways to keep love alive in every marriage and relationship is by being romantic with your spouse. Rance is one of the life wires that hold the life of every union.

As a man who wants to enjoy his woman front and back, left to right, you should be romantic, and below are the ways you can be romantic to your wife.

27 ways

1) Occasionally take her out and be intimate with her, take her to memorable places, not a noisy club where you must raise your voice to communicate with your lover.

2) Whenever you go to pick her up for a date, don't go to her empty-handed. Give her a beautiful flower, a card that has an inscription of your deep love for her, and buy her chocolates or candy. Get her something to show her you are meeting her with deep affection. Something that will make her always remember the date and wish it would always be.

3) Let her pass through doors before you. Give her the right to be in front of you or by your side. Be her soldier but not her tormentor.

4) Whenever the two of you are walking down the street, be the one closest to the moving cars. It shows you are protecting her and you are physically and mentally able to protect her.

5) Be real and truthful with your compliments to her. You find her irresistible, charming, and beautiful, tell her you are very happy to have her in your life because of her beauty.

6) Don't speak bad words to her and against her. Your words should be honorable and positive as well, it should be in a way she will always want to hear from you.

7) If it's drizzling and you are both under the same umbrella, be the one to hold it even if she is the owner of the umbrella.

8) Ask her what she wants to eat before you make your own order at the restaurant.

9) Be the one to tell her that both of you should pray for the food before eating. Prayerful men are romantic to their women.

10) Don't be a pervert, treating her like a none living thing focusing only on how to make love to her. To unlock her Intimacy and enjoy sex with her, treat her like an Angel, a Princess, a Queen. Make her feel special and always wanted by you even though she is your wife who has been together with you for years.

11) Hold her hand whenever she is stepping down a raised platform coming down from the car, or from a stare case. Is a sign of honor and love.

12) Always admire and tell her "I love you so much My sweetheart." Men who express their feelings to their wives are romantic men. Let it not be that she is guessing your love for her or she has to squeeze it out of you before you can profess love to her.

13) Look into her eyes as she talks to you and let her know that you are admiring her charming eyeballs. Looking into her eyes while talking with you also means that you give her maximum attention and women love to see it from their men.

14) Kiss her when she never expects it from you. This will thrill her and make her be madly in love with you.

15) Hold her waist in public or when you are introducing her to people who are related to you as your woman or as your wife. It means you are proud of her.

16) Whisper intimate and romantic words to her ear in public. It means a lot to get away with private conversations in a public place.

17) Call out her name in a surprising manner, when she answers "Yes," then tell her "I love you sweetheart" or give her loving complimentary words.

18) Rub her hand from time to time; when you guys are in the car driving and there is traffic, when she says she had a bad day or hectic day in the office. This way she will feel loved and cherished by you.

19) Calm her down whenever she is being hard on herself. Correct her when she is negative about life and her progress in life. You can simply do this by encouraging her and making her understand that you are by her side.

20) Be a man who loves to cuddle his woman. Her skin and body love to be touched especially when she's with someone dear to her. Don't allow her to beg for it but make her ask you for more.

21) Offer to unstrap her bra, massage her back, and play with her body, she wants those romantic touches but will hardly ask you for it. She expects you to make the move and she will gladly make it available to you.

22) Don't just be interested in kissing her lips; kiss her fingers as well, kiss her forehead, her neck, her ears; even when lovemaking is not on your agenda, do it for her because she's expecting it from you.

23) During lovemaking, don't do it only about what you want or just be concerned about your pleasure. She is your woman for Christ's sake, she has sexual desires too. Foreplay is important to her just as it's important to you. Drive her safely to cloud 9 and you will enjoy her as you have always wanted.

24) Hold and kiss her after making love with each other. Don't just walk away straight to the bathroom. If you must go to the bathroom immediately after making love to her, take her along with you, help her clean up, and romance each other for a few minutes before coming out. This will make the pleasure last for more minutes in your mind.

25) Hug her in front of the children and appreciate her kindness, her heart of gold, her care, and her love for both you and the children. This will make her believe that you are happy with her and also care for her happiness.

26) Cover her with a blanket whenever you notice that she's feeling cold, and put a jacket on her when the weather is cold. Or ask her to wear her sweater, and show unimaginable care for her well-being.

27) Intentionally ask her out for dates, even as husband and wife you can still go on a date. Just because you have spent years of love together doesn't mean you should stop making her feel special. You did romantic things just to get her attention, keep doing those romantic things to keep her; as you do it, she will respond by giving you the best of her love. Remember that the man who loves his wife loves himself as well.

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