Being a teenager is no excuse to be broke, you can make your own money from your skills. With the right knowledge and platform, you can establish your own business and become an entrepreneur. The advent of the internet has made making money easy for everyone irrespective of their age or background. As a teenager and young adult, starting your own business now is one of the best ways to secure your future as you get to experiment and learn from the world as you grow.

Here are 10 business ideas you can venture into as a teenager:

1) Reselling Unwanted And Unused Items On eBay. You can help sell unused items on eBay or even daily used items. EBay is a platform you can take advantage of as a teenager as it offers you the opportunity to make money from home by selling items.

2) Website Development. Teenagers these days are computer literate, they know their way around the internet more than most adults do. So online commerce is one avenue of making money as a teen, with the skill you can create websites and make money from it. Teenagers around the world are making millions through web development and so can you.

3) Blogging. Blogs are another online avenue for you to make money as a teenager. Being a blogger is not restricted to any age, what matters is your content and your readers. This isn't something that gives you money overnight, you have to work for it. The good part is that through blogs you can get other sources of income like ads, affiliate marketing, etc.

4) Graphic Design. Are you an artist, then you can make money with graphic design. There are various software that have made this art easier plus numerous people need such services.

5) Home Tutoring Business. Are you smart and intelligent? Home tutoring allows you to help students academically in return, you are paid for your knowledge. You can also start up your home lesson for as many as would need your services. Starting up this business costs you nothing just the knowledge of whatever it is you intend to help others with.

 6) Soap-making Business. If you enjoy working with your hands you can make soaps and sell. You would need little capital for this, plus getting the necessary skills is very important. The good part is that getting the materials you need to get started is relatively cheap, so you get to make a high profit. 

7) Fashion Designing. If you are interested in fashion and fashion trends, you can make money as a fashion designer. This offers you the opportunity to create your outfits and sell them. Fashion designing business offers a lot of flexibility for young people and allows them to be creative, plus the internet has made marketing products and services easy so you don't have to spend much creating the awareness your business needs.

8) Social Media Marketing. Social media marketing is a great business idea for teens and young adults since they are skilled at using social media tools and navigating their way through the internet. This is one business that costs you nothing to start just your smartphone or computer and the right audience and you are good to go.

9) Freelance Writing. Are you a talented writer? Many online platforms need such services. Companies need content creators, if you are talented in writing then you should probably stop wasting your skill and start making money from it.

10) Makeup Artist. Being a professional makeup artist can give you cool cash as a teen or young adult. There are many events ladies need makeup for. You can start with friends and family to grow your portfolio and take advantage of the internet to market your services.

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