Sunday, May 12, 2019

Celebrating Mothers Day.

The great things about mothers.
Without a mother, the world will not be complete.

The pain of childbirth, the pain of raising a child. The mother's womb is a world where a child stays for nine months before he's born.
Mothers are great.

In the night she doesn't sleep until her child is asleep.
She doesn't eat until her children have eaten.
When a child is sick, her mother is sick too because she feels the pain of her sick child.

Mothers are the mirror in the house through which others see the value and the beauty of a home.
Mothers are supportive of both their husbands and Children.

A mother feels the heartbeat of her children, looking into the eyes of her husband, she understands the effort and sacrifice he's making to put a smile on their faces.
Mothers are good advisers to their Children.

A mother carries the pain of her children in her heart and makes them hers while searching for solutions.

Celebrate your mother or your wife in the best way you can, she's great to our life.

Take charge of the kitchen today, show her you love her by cooking her delicious food, serve her after cooking, and let her be pampered.

Show your wife, the mother of your children that you really appreciate her efforts in the kitchen, her efforts in putting smiles on the face of the children by cooking for the family today.

Take your wife out on a date, buy her gifts, look into her eyes, and tell her how much you her, she can't forget it in a hurry.

Today is a special day for every mother in our midst.
Sing for her, her favorite love song, and remind her how great she has been to you and the children.

_Happy Mother's Day._

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