Wednesday, June 5, 2024


1. Intimacy in your marriage will suffer if you keep coming home late.

2. Your wife doesn't find you sexy because you buy her expensive gifts, she finds you sexy because of how you attend to her emotions.

3. Your wife will struggle to give you her body if she suspects you are entertaining another woman/women. Faithfulness makes you sexy.

4. Don't avoid your wife the whole day then expect her to be turned on for you at night 
5. Women make love with their emotions, for them, the feeling of being loved is important. If you hurt her, she won't desire to make love.

6. If she doesn't feel ready to make love tonight, find out if there is an issue and address it. But if she is genuinely tired or not in the mood, it is not the end of the end of the world. How you treat her today, will determine how love making will be tomorrow.

7. If you realize you are demanding conjugal rights, know that you are no longer having intimacy but sexual perversion and coercion.  Intimacy is not demanded, intimacy is invited and mutually celebrated
8. Sometimes all she needs from you is not your penis, but your arms to hold and cuddle her.

1. Men find it easier to make love when there is peace.  If you are not a peaceful woman, he won't enjoy your body.

2. It hurts a man when he is accused of cheating yet he is faithful.  Such a man will struggle with intimacy with you because he feels hurt. Don't accuse him falsely.
3. A stressed man will struggle with his erection and sexuality because the penis is controlled by the mind. Attend to the matters disturbing him so that he doesn't feel alone and he will find you sexy.
4. Men struggle to kiss the lips of a wife that insults him, belittles him and orders him around.

5. No matter how sexy your body is or how hot the lingerie you wear, a man is turned on most by your attitude.

6. Men also love it when the wife makes sexual advances.

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