Saturday, June 8, 2024


Understand that the whore-phase is real.
Many many young women actually date for fun and nothing serious.

The worst thing that can ever happen to you is to be in a serious relationship with a woman who is only dating you for fun.
Tragically, many men are suffering this reality.

I personally know so many women who are currently multi dating different men and each of those men thinks that they are in a serious relationship with this women.
Many of this girls are in their early twenties, all they do is to follow different men for different reasons best known to them.
Many enjoyed it because they benefit a lot from it.

They usually have this broke guy whom they love so much but are never faithful to because their faithfulness to him will make them go bankrupt so in other to avoid that they have extra men as back up plans.
For every of their financial needs they have cocks to remedy for that.

The whore-phase is real.
These young women never see  love in one person, they need to have different men in other for them to believe that love exist.
They enjoy jumping from one bed to another, they enjoy the so much attention they are getting from different men, they are literarily enjoying the beauty of promiscuous in their prime.

All they want is freedom, they don't want to submit to anybody now, they see submission as a slave.
Why should they submit to one man when the they  can have 100+men chasing them around?

The whore phase is real.
Two simple way to identify such women.

1. If she's materialistic, a desperate money lover, a high demand bae covered with low self esteem, she's a whore.

2. If she's an attention whore, a woman who loves validations more than the air she breathe.
Be careful of such women.

Don't be fooled.

Know this women for your safety and so that you will not waste your time building on a foundation in a sandy soil.

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