Saturday, June 1, 2024

How To Avoid Marital Frustration Whether Single Or Married.

Based on personal experience in my 5 years Marriage, also that of my parents, I have come to conclusion that truly marital frustration is real, although it can be avoided or controlled.

Many people today without knowing it slide down in to marital frustration and by the time they discovered what's happening it's already late to make amends, even when it's not late they don't know how to fix the problem and because of pride they are not willing to speak to any Marriage and Relationships counselor, a therapist that can help them restore the happiness of their marriage.

Marital Frustration is the feeling of constant annoyance, angry and always feeling disappointed against your spouse, sometimes you start wishing you didn't marry the person, as time goes on you will notice that you are no longer attracted to each other. This is marital frustration and it can lead to infidelity or divorce.

So here's how to avoid frustration in your marriage;

1. Always Speak love with your partner and not unpleasant words. Love is the greatest of all, even though only love is not enough but with genuine love you can conquer the rest of the challenges that may confront your marriage.

2. Practice forgiveness without boundaries because peace and harmony can't dwell in a home where the owners has changed to a battlefield. Have it at the back of your mind that your partner is not perfect so there will be lapses, errors and mistakes and some of these may hurt you because you have feelings but forgiveness will help you to quickly heal and still stand for each other like never before.

3. Communication is one important thing that can't be overlooked in a love relationships not to talk about marriage itself. In your marriage apply every methods of communications you know, use them wherever needed irrespective of time, season, and location. Different methods of communications you can apply in your marriage includes verbal, none verbal, eyes signs, face signs, body movements, etc. These can positively help you to avoid frustration in your marriage.

4. Understanding in marriage is like a pillar in a building because when you don't understand each other, apparently there will be problems everyday and this automatically will lead to frustration. I usually tell couples that you and your partner grew up from different family backgrounds under different training so understanding each other should not be a thing like rocket science but something you nurture together as you nurture your marriage, so as you grow old together try to understand yourselves as this will make the love bond to be stronger.

5. Playing together should not have limit and boundaries because that's part of intimacy which is very important in every marriage. Remember when you were dating you were playing like love birds, please you don't have to stop playing with your partner simply because you are married now, continue doing those things that got you glued to each other before you got married so you will not be frustrated against each other. When you play together you become more closer, loving and more friendly to each.
6. Praying together is very essential too because it will give you the avenue to communicate your challenges to God, Pray for your partner and your marriage, committing your jobs and business to God, again give your partner the opportunity to pray, you should not always lead, he or she has thoughts and feelings so let them speak to God too.
If you will put this advise at work in your marriage believe me, you will not experience marital frustration in your marriage.

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