Friday, June 7, 2024

Don't Give Up On Us.

My dear spouse,
1. Don't give up on us when our marriage faces storms. Challenges will be there to test our love but if we stand together, nothing can divide us.

2. Don't give up on us when my in-laws or your in-laws try to meddle in our marriage. We love them but let's not allow them to turn us against each other.

3. Don't give up on us when parenthood becomes challenging. It will not be easy but if we are patient in raising our children as a team, we will reap the joy of watching them turning into mature adults.

4. Don't give up on us when our friends abandon us. I can lose anyone else but you are the one I am scared to lose. I love you, you are me, we are one.

5. Don't give up on us if we cannot have any children, if we are barren. Our marriage is not incomplete without children, we can even adopt as long as we have each other.

6. Don't give up on us if our child dies, we have a miscarriage or a still birth. Don't reject me. Mourn with me, we are in this together. Don't blame me, life is the doing of God. I want to have a child just like you but the Sovereign God has the final say.

7. Don't give up on us if we end up having a disabled child. That child will not be any less special. Let's give that child love; there are many examples of people differently abled; blind, deaf, with autism, without limbs that have done great things. Love is always the answer.

8. Don't give up on us when I fall, when I do you wrong. Correct me, forgive me and I will do better. I am not perfect but I want to perfect our love.

9. Don't give up on us when you let me down and make a mistake, don't run away into hiding. Come to me, I will forgive you, I will cover you. Love covers a multitude of sins.

10. Don't give up on us if our sex less suffers or I don't make love to you right. Don't look for greater sex outside of our marriage. Please tell me how you want it, what you want done to your nipples, on your skin, in between your legs. I am open to suggestions, I am here to serve you to your satisfaction.

11. Don't give up on us when we fight and argue, when you see my ugly side or my foul mood. Sometimes friction will occur between us. Fights don't last. Let's resolve issues quickly and conclusively so that we get back to loving. I hate hurting you.

12. Don't give up on us when you feel misunderstood, don't start to emotionally date and lean on another yet still married to me. Come sit with me, help me understand you, I will listen.

13. Don't give up on us if we have financial problems or we lose our jobs or business. You are hardworking and so am I. We may have tough times but they won't last. God will give us the power to create wealth. We will make it. We cannot lose true love because of money.

14. Don't give up on us when people tell us we won't make it, when they feed you lies and negative talk; don't give them your attention. As long as you and I believe in us, that's all that matters.

15. Don't give up on us when distance separates us, when for a period of time we have to work far from each other. There is no one like you in this world. Hold on to us, this is only temporary.

16. Don't give up on us if I fall sick or get involved in an accident;  don't abandon me; I wouldn't do that to you. For better, for worse; I am with you till the end of time.

17. Don't give up on us when your feelings mislead you, when you are at your lowest, when mid-life crisis looms, when confusion rears its ugly head. Remember what you and I have and how far you and I have come.

Don't throw it away, I love loving you
Don't give up on us.

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