Thursday, June 6, 2024

7 Simple Things That Can Bond Family Together Daily.

To increase the level of bonding in your family, the following simple things can help your family. They work for my family. They can work for your family too. Make sure you do one of it daily.  

1..Pray together as a family. It does not have to be 1 hour prayer meeting. But pray together as a family..It bonds family together.  

2. Eat together: Almost everyday I buy something to the house. Once I get back home , I share it and we all eat it like sharing ' The Lord supper'. This is different from our dinner. We also eat together as couple. If you have small children, let them eat together or at the same time. Food bonds people together​ very well.  

3. Watch news, video or listen to songs together. It helps family to bond well. It increases family intimacy time.  

4. Have your bath together: It might not be possible in the morning as you both might be rushing out of the house at different time. But in the night, take a shower together. We do that in my family. It helps us to gist, touch each other and the 'Act of allcouples' can start from that bathroom. ( not Act of apostles oo) 

5. Do house chores together: Yes, it promotes intimacy in the family.  It is like a family excerise.

6: Play together: Yes, there are small small plays you can play as couples. You can have couples dance in your sitting room​ and ask your children to pick the best dancer between daddy and mummy. You can put down any amount and let the one the children pick as the best dancer win the money.  

7: Sex: It must be a normal norm in marriage. It bonds the husband and wife together and when daddy and mummy are well bonded, it promotes bonding in the entire family.   

Apart from number one that is a must and should be a daily dose. You can pick anyone and do it each day , any day or every day.  
So many factors are reducing and fighting family bonding times this days. We must make deliberate efforts to remain bonded as families. 

You are not couples until you are coupled together​ and those tips I mentioned up there☝☝☝☝ can couple couples and family together. 

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