Saturday, June 8, 2024

7 Reasons Why You Are Unlucky With Women.

1.. You always accept to be her friend. Once a lady says WE ARE JUST FRIENDS or LET US JUST BE FRIENDS that mean she can't date or marry you. Simple! See finish has entered or you are not attractive at all to her for love relationship.

2.. You talk too much about yourself. You're just meeting a lady and in less than 2 weeks you're already telling her visions, dreams and revelations that she's your wife. You're telling her how you've been unlucky with women. You're telling her how much you worth, your salary. Being mysterious is attractiveness to women.

3.. You're so dirty. You don't take care of yourself. Your breath is bad. Your smell is bad. You look rough and unkempt.

4... You're always place her on pedestal. Oh, you're the most beautiful woman. You're the only one for me. Oh angel, you worth waiting for your cheap validation is why you are always catching feelings for her while she sees you like every other guy.

5.. You lack control over emotions. You get angry if she didn't pick. You are always liking and commenting on her posts. You're stuck to her status. You're acting nervous. Ladies like men act indifferent about them because it stirs curiosity.

6... You don't have a lifestyle. No signature to personality. You're boring. Imagine doing Bible study with the lady you want to ask out on phone... Bible discussion always. You only remind her of salvation, consecration, church programmes.

7...You have scarcity mindset. Your scarcity mindset is why you believe it is your responsibility to wait till she accept you. Your scarcity mindset is why you tolerate disrespect always. Your scarcity mindset is why you are always disturbing her with phones, double-texting, you're even apologizing to her when you are not wrong.

Your scarcity mindset is why you’re jealous, monitoring  her and angry each time you are not getting the response you want.

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