Saturday, June 8, 2024

21 Things To Tell Your Daughter Urgently.

1: Tell your daughter that Money has no gender. She can make money the way any Man can make it and even more.

2: Tell her to step into the FIELD, not the BED to make money. Money from the field comes with dignity, money from the Bed comes with STD.

3: Let your daughter know that she needs to trade her brain, not her private parts to make money.

4: Train your daughter never to pray to marry a rich man, but to work to become a rich girl.

5: Train your daughter never to pray to marry a Governor but to work to become the President.

6: Train your daughter that the instrument of money making is under the Hat not under the skirt.

7: Train your Daughter never to Man-hunt but to focus her focus and she will become the focus of many Men.

8: Train your daughter that no man can love her like God, so she must never trade her relationship with God for a relationship with any Man.

9: Train your daughter that the internet never forgets or forgives, let her know that the foolish post she makes on the internet can depose her from her position tomorrow.

10: Tell your daughter that time waits for no man, if she wastes her time with a foolish man, she will wake up one day to discover that it is nighttime.

11: Tell your daughter that life gives back what you give into it, wickedness will be fully repaid.

12: Tell your daughter that beauty is not in exposing nakedness, it is dressing to look like a Queen.

13: Tell your daughter that she is a princess and not a prostitute, tell her to dress to prove who she is.

14: Tell your daughter that it is a great wickedness to sleep with the husband of another Woman.

15: let her know that married men do not love her, they only see her as an available sex toy to satisfy the animal in them.

16: Let your daughter know that the best friend she can keep is God, He can not disappoint her.

17: let your daughter know that beauty without a brain makes one look like a Decorated pig.

18: teach your daughter to believe in herself because she is capable of doing whatever she believes she can do.

19: Teach your daughter never to think that wealth is sexually transmitted. Sleeping with wealthy men will only make her a whore not wealthy.

20: tell your daughter good look does not make a man a good Man. He can have 6 PACKS and be a PACK of trouble.

21: teach your daughter never to be a Runs girl because runs girls normally RUN into trouble.

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