Friday, June 7, 2024


1. He Makes Time For You
No matter how busy or tight his schedule, He always finds the time to hear from you, see you and to spend some time with you. 
If a man truly loves you, he will find a way amidst busy and tight schedule, no excuses. Believe me on this.
No one is too busy for someone or something they love. 

2. He WANTS a Future With You And You Both talk and Walk towards It. 
You don't need to remind him or push him.
A man who loves you deeply will never avoid the question of "where is this relationship going?" he won't even wait for you to ask, because it's what he wants.. 
7 years old relationship, you're still on "it's complicated". God forbid bad thing. 

3.   You have Met His Friends And Family
If you already met his parents and siblings, Pastors, mentors, and regularly go out with his friends, yes, he loves you and doesn’t mind showing you off to everyone.
You that they're hiding like contraband, you better smell the coffee. 

4. He Loves and Enjoys Your Reality
You don't need to be fake to please or impress him. You don't need to do too much.
Even at silly moments when you need to express yourself loud, laugh a lot and jump around like a child, he will actually enjoy such moments, find it cute and say so. 
He won't make feel shy or stupid for being yourself around him, because he will encourage you to be anything you want around him. 

6. He Supports Your Dreams. 
He's interested in your dreams, not just your body. He wants you to succeed and grow. 
He's your number one cheerleader
You won't feel pressured to chose between him and something you know you are meant to do or be.

7. He Appreciates Your Advice
A man who likes not only your body but your mind too is a keeper.
He wants you fully involved in his life, and asking for your opinion is an essential part of it.

8. He Treats You Like A princess 
If he loves you, he'll treat you lovingly and not harshly.
You are his lady, and he looks after you, he is gentle, listens to you, respects you with his words and actions. 
Aunty, man wey dey beat you like thief no love You. 

9. The Sacrifice Comes From Both End
A huge sign your man loves you is when you see the compromises/sacrifices don’t come from your side only, he is also making effort/changes/sacrifices just to make you happy.
You are not the only one that compromises to make the relationship work, and that’s a true sign your guy loves you deeply. 

10.. You already know he loves you before you read this article and even after reading it. 
When you are NOT SURE a Man loves you, chances are, he doesn't. 
Love isn't hidden. It shows.
Love that you can't see, touch or feel most likely doesn't exist. 
If he loves you, his love for you screams through his eyes, through the way he smiles at you, flows from him into your veins every time he touches you. 
His hug is so comforting that you would gladly die right there and then.

He fights for you.
He fights for your love.
He fights for your happiness.
It’s just there. And you know it.
I pray for every lady reading this, may you find true love and nothing less. Amen. 

(c) Musa Gift

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