1. Speaking words that warm your spouse's heart.

2. Spending quality time with each other that is not about bills, responsibilities, the children or other people.

3. Doing special things to each other that you shouldn't do with someone else.

4. Exciting each other's five senses. Wearing clothes that attracts your spouse's eyes, listening to music or saying things that are intimate to your spouse's ears, touching your spouse in a way that communicates fondness, feeding your spouse something sweet like chocolate or even your body, wearing a scent that invigorates your spouse.

5. Doing the sweet things you did to win each other's hearts, in order to keep each other's hearts.

6. Enjoying something special together; like watching the sunset, a meal, a movie, a walk.

7. Doing creative gestures to express thoughtfulness; such as writing love letters, giving of flowers, acts of service.

8. Doing things to your spouse that not only arouse your spouse sexually but also emotionally.

9. Having the courage to express the way you feel about your spouse.

10. Knowing how to kiss, hug and handle your spouse's skin and body.

11. Doing things with your spouse that are memorable.

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