The Power Of A Woman's Tongue.

1. A woman's greatest power is in her words, whereas men are physically strong, a woman can bring down a man just with her tongue.

2. A woman's words can encourage a man and be his greatest inspiration, or discourage him and be his greatest nightmare. The more he loves her, the more power she has over him.

3. A woman's tongue can destroy her own children's self-esteem with harsh and cold words. A woman's words can uplift her own children with words of hope, faith and love. How children remember their childhood is based on how their mother spoke to them.

4. A woman's tongue can be very suggestive that implies to many men that she is interested in them. This type of woman comes off as flirtatious. If she is single, she misleads men; if she is married, she makes her husband insecure as he wonders why she speaks to other men with a sexual undertone.

5. A woman's tongue can chase friends away with her mean tone, stinging jokes and insensitive words. A woman's tongue can keep friends because her words create an environment of care.

6. A woman's tongue can be a gossip machine and she hangs around women who are also gossip machines, eventually, these women destroy each other, their marriages, their careers, their peace and other people's lives just with their tongue.

7. A woman's toxic tongue can make her husband avoid coming back home to her,  he deliberately comes home late to avoid her even though he is not cheating. A woman's loving tongue can make her husband come home early because he feels at home with her, he even enjoys calling her over the phone.

8. A woman who is emotionally unstable is reckless with her tongue, lashing out and saying irrational things. A woman who is emotionally stable is responsible with her tongue, she may be moody, hormonal or not having a good day but she is still measured in her response.
9. A woman's tongue can be a weapon that provokes a man with words such "You are not man enough", "You poor man cannot handle me", "Worthless", "Beat me, I dare you". A woman's tongue can be a peace maker, calming down conflict, stopping fires before they escalate, showing her man understanding and appreciation.

10. A woman's tongue can destroy or build her own home. With her tone, she sets the mood of the home.

11. A woman's words can cancel her own progress, dreams and prayers... Or she can use her tongue to make effectual and fervent prayers, command her morning and speak life to her dreams, husband, children and society.

There is power in her tongue 
© Akello Oliech and Dayan Masinde

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