How To Make Your Wife Enjoy Sex And Practically Beg For More.

If churches will be preaching more on sex on the pulpit, divorce rate will reduce by at least 50%! Some of the problems in marriage are traceable to sex! 

Some anger, frustration, resentment, hatred, vengeance, malice and affair have their roots in unsatisfied sex in marriage. If your spouse is not sexually fulfilled, your marriage is as good as dead! 

Sex is not just about joining sexual organs, there are some things you need to do to put the woman in the mood. Once you can set her hormones on fire, a good, satisfying sex life is guaranteed in marriage! This article will teach you how to make your wife practically enjoy sex and keeps asking you for more.

1. KNOW THAT YOUR WIFE IS NOT A SEXUAL MACHINE: No woman likes to be treated like a sex machine you switch on and off when you wanna have sex. Treat her like a wife, a mother, your first love, your babe, your romantic partner, your girl friend, your treasure, your trophy, your heart's desire, your gem, she will be the one panting after you, wanting you and needing you.

2. LET IT FLOW: Romantic words must flow out of you. Women respond to words. Make it a daily habit to say nice, romantic word to your wife. Don't wait till you are about to have sex. If you do so, she won't take your words serious. She will think you are only giving her a bait to have sex with her. Since you are not moved by words, so you may not take it serious but know that words mean heaven and earth to your wife. Saying, "I love you", "You are beautiful", "You are so hot", "You are virtuous", "you are the best deal I ever made", "You are the most precious in my world", "You've got the sexiest lips I've ever seen...", "your curvy body trips me baby", "I love you so much I wanna die for you...", "Your hot legs makes me wants to dance with you", "your lips on mine is the sweetest honey I've ever tasted "etc means a lot to a woman. Be romantic brother. Don't be so spiritual you can't get your wife in the mood! If you can't read romantic books, read songs of Solomon, it will help a lot!

3. TOUCH! Learn to give your wife non-sexual touches daily. Wives are turned on by husbands who touch them daily, regularly, consistently not just when they want to have sex. Hold her hand for no reason, put your arms around her shoulder, circle your hands around her waist, tilt her  chin, playfully slap her bum, "hijack" her attention, hold her hands and dance with her, hug and embrace her a lot.When you give your wife non-sexual touches daily, you indirectly tell her she means a lot to you, you value her and cherish her a lot. She will enjoy you, want more of you and practically look forward to sex.

4. SPEAK HER LOVE LANGUAGE: (Read Gary Chapman's FIVE LOVE LANGUAGES). Some women respond to words of appreciation, while some love to be touched, some like quality time while some appreciate gifts, for some it is acts of service. If it is affirmation, admiring, praising  and complimenting will always turn her on. If it is act of service, helping her around the house will get her fall madly in love with you, if it is gifts, buying her thoughtful, romantic gifts will make her cherish you more, if it is quality time, cuddling up with her on the couch on a cold night while watching a romantic movie is enough to set her hormones on fire!
5. CUDDLE: Learn to cuddle your wife. Women love it a lot.

6. KISS TENDERLY: Some wives are okay with regular pecks. Don't just grab her when you are about to have sex. Learn to kiss your wife softly, sweetly and tenderly. If she wants it deep and prolonged, so be it. You can do a little groping and grabbing along the way.

7. FORE-PLAY: This is the reason virgin brides run away on honey moon. You can't just pounce on your wife, go in and come out, roll over and promptly go to sleep! That is not sex, it is rape! Some men are very lazy when it comes to sex. Please, go gradual with that woman. Spend at least 20 minutes "playing" with her from head to toe, from toe to head! Travel slowly, view the environment, enjoy the scene, take her along, pause, taste, kiss, bite, squeeze, suck, hold, lick, sniff! Use all all your senses! Engage your hands, fingers, mouth, lips, that is what real sex is about. If you carefully follow the steps above, you will give your wife orgasm over and over again.

8. MIND BLOWING SEX: after doing all the above, sex will naturally flow....don't break into her like trailer jump into express road without control please, prepare her body well, do enough foreplay, she will be eager and ready to receive you and flow with you. When high chemistry merges with hot sex, the result is roof breaking orgasm! Everyone loves orgasm! Your wife will want you over and over and over again. Soon she will be the one chasing, asking and demanding for sex.

Sex is beautiful when it is done between two people who love each other in a marriage bound relationship, that is, SEX IS STRICTLY FOR THE MARRIED.

Singles have no single business with sex, you practice any of these to your own peril. You can however save this for future use. It will help you a lot on your wedding night and in marriage. I look forward to hearing your testimony. 

FEEL FREE TO SHARE but do not plagiarize, God bless you. Cheers!

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