Flirting With Over Religious Sister Be Like.

(Phone Conversation)
Bro Joseph: Baby What's up?
Sister Grace: Please my name is sister Grace and not baby. Is the name "baby' scriptural? Can Abraham, father of faith, call Sarah his wife "Baby"? Did Joseph called Mary, the mother of Jesus, baby? That name you called me is too worldly, not heavenly! I thought you were born again, bro Joseph! Am disappointed!

Brother Joseph: ok sister grace how are you..?? 

Sister--- Psalm 28:7. The Lord is my strength.  I am more than a conqueror. Any devil that tries me will drop dead without remedy!

(Sister spoke in tongues after replying bro joseph) 
Brother---ok oooo! what are you doing now...? 

Sister---am cooking to the glory of the Lord. And I dedicate my food to Him. All glory be to Him. 

Brother---wow!..should i come and help u...? 
Sister--- No bro! i can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. He is my present help in time of needs. Don't worry bro.

Brother---hmm ok oo....at least i wil come after you might have finished cooking the food so that you will SERVE me.

Sister---Ha! Bro Joseph! Are you still in the Lord! please i only SERVE the living God not human being. I can never serve you. Joshua 24:15. 
Brother--- this is serious! ok sista grace, what are you wearing nw...? (Bro tried to be romantic)

Sister---if you are spiritual, you will know! Am wearing the full armor of God. No weapon form against me shall prosper. 
Brother---chai....nawa oo! This is too much for me! i give up now!!!

Sister: Ha! If you give up so soon, that means you are not my heavenly ordained husband!
Me: This sister maybe single for life.. Lolz. Take it easy my sister! 

What is your take on this?
Laughter is good for your health

Have A Glorious Week! 

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