Easier Ways On How To Identify The Right Spouse.

Marriage is simple and sweet. However, the foundation for marital bliss starts with the choice of the right spouse. Please understand that. 

As simple as the topic may sound, yet it's a great challenge to many lovers out there.  Honestly, it's not that some persons want to marry wrong, but their challenge is how to identify the partner suitable for them. 
I should state clearly here that marrying right isn't marrying a perfect human being, but marrying a partner suitable for you. Now, let's discuss briefly the tips about how to identify the right spouse:

1. Love:
Love must be the starting point. Both persons should feel attracted to each other. It mustn't be a one-sided thing; it must be flowing from both lovers seamlessly. A relationship where a lover feels more special, more entitled to things, or feels like they are doing the other partner some favours isn't a healthy one. It should be discontinued.

2. Desirability:
To be desired at all times is a sign that the two  persons are in love and have the same chemistry. If a partner doesn't feel desired by the other lover, they are not involved with the right person.

3. Strong bond:
When two persons are in love, an emotional bond will be created. They will be leading their lives as if without the other partner they can't live.

4. Compatibility:
Simply put, compatibility means agreement and acceptance. 

Here are the areas where one should look at:
A. Religious beliefs
B. Marital ideologies
C. Support of vision
D. Support of life endeavors
E. Blood group
F. Genotype 

5. Definition of the type of relationship:
After a few conversations, the two partners should define the nature of their relationship. It should be crystal clear to both of them where they are headed.

6. Marriage in view:
A love relationship where both partners desire to settle down as spouses should have marriage in view. This should be discussed regularly and plans on how to execute it should be considered.

7. Unbroken commitment to each other:
A sign that one has found the right partner is through a mutual commitment to the love relationship and the other partner. Not committing to a love partner fully is a red flag. 

8. Giving/accepting marriage proposal:
Since marriage is the goal of a love relationship, making a marriage proposal at the right time shouldn't be a problem and shouldn't be rejected. If all is fine, delaying a marriage proposal or rejecting it, is a red flag.

9. Trustworthiness:
If a relationship is marred with trust issues, the two partners should not proceed with it as it's a serious red flag to ignore.

10. Prayer: 
Prayer should be employed if unclear about some issues concerning the other partner. God can help in unraveling some mysteries. 
Identifying the right partner should be done with all intentionality. 

The lovers involved should be logical and not sentimental about it. Failure to be intentional is a sure recipe to marital disaster. Now, did you see why I always say that love is a feeling, but loving is an art, meaning, it requires a skill. 

Now that identifying the right partner has been demystified to you, I expect you to make a quality choice. 

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