Compatibility Test In Relationship.

Many youth of nowadays engaged themselves in a relationship without proper investigation or test and most of them gets their fingers burnt along the line. 
 It is always a painful experience after much investment of resources, most especially your time in such a relationship. However, there are compatibility test that needs to be carried out to avoid such painful experience. 

Compatibility is the ability of two or more people or things to function or work together without friction or problem or conflict. 
It is the ability to relates, connect, gel and agree between a man and a woman or a guy and a lady in a relationship.
The essence of this test is to see whether the both of you can live the rest of your life together as husband and wife in marriage which starts with a relationship.

This test is critically important because if you fail to carry out the test, the reality will be dawn on you in marriage and you will have yourself to blame for your misery.
I pray that as many who are planning to go in or those of us who are in a relationship will not miss it in JESUS name. Our relationship and marriage will be heaven on earth in JESUS name. We will marry right and our marriage will glorify the name of the Lord in JESUS NAME.


Do two walk together unless they have agreed to do so? Amos 3:3. This is the utmost compatibility test before you say yes I do. 
It is a no go area for you if you are not compatible spiritually. Are you of the same faith? Do you both fear, love and serve God genuinely? What is their reaction when it comes to the things to God? Are they slothful or fervent in spirit? Do they possess the fruits of the spirit? 
By their fruits you shall know them. We have many sexual predators looking for innocent sisters to destroy their destiny and fulfillment in life. 

We have brothers who pretend to be what they are not to get in thighs of the sisters, BEWARE beloved! If his or her confession is not what they practice, run for your life. 
Ask about their view on physical apparel like trousers, necklace, chains, make-up, attachment, earrings etc. 
Are you of the same view about those things? If you are the type that can’t do without those things and he has a different opinion, be surprised when he starts giving attitudes, disagreement starts coming in and no matter how you dress you can’t be appreciated. 

Agreement of those things are either through doctrine or personal conviction?
Ask why they are wearing or fixing or using those things? Is it a personal conviction or through doctrine?
The better you come to agreement on those thing, the better for you to live together in peace and harmony.

If she can’t do without a trouser don’t expect her to change in marriage. There are wicked brothers that allows sisters not to put on trouser during courtship but in marriage they allow the sister to go through hell. Sisters, beware of such brothers. 
Seek the Lord in prayers for his will for your life in marriage and not your life. 
Imagine, this person is who you want to spend at least 50 years with. You must get it right. 
Don’t be lost in love no matter how caring he or she is, ensure he or she is God’s will before you go into that relationship.

This is another vital area you must not joke with. You know you are an evangelist and anytime you mention evangelism in her hears, she always divert your attention to other things or grumbles. 
My brother if she can’t accept the purpose of God for your life, she has no place in your future and vice-versa. 

You know you are a sexual puritan crusader and anytime you mention sexual purity in his sight, he gets pissed off and say we are all sinners and God is faithful. 
Sister, watch that dream killer and destiny. If you are not both purpose driven, you will be both sexually driven into many sins. 
You know you called to liberate people with music by taking them to spiritual realm for freedom, blessing, fire and refilling and he says music is not my kind of thing, why not go for professions like medicine, accounting, engineering etc, My sister beware, he is looking for a business partner and not a marriage partner. 

This is the major reason why you need to discover who you are before you venture into a relationship.
Purpose compatibility is driven by God   
Purpose compatibility is goal oriented 
Purpose compatibility is fulfilling 
Purpose compatibility is clarity.

The rate of Sickle cells in the world is alarming and it is as a result of people’s negligence and ignorance. 
What is the purpose of being in a relationship for more than 3 years and discovered that you are not compactible medically. 
Please, do not suffer unborn generation because of your ignorance or lost in love. 
I believe in miracles and power but wisdom is profitable.  Faith that can’t heal headache can’t change genotype. 

You have nothing to worry about if only you have strong conviction by GOD to proceed and tie the knot with her. 
We have many types of genotypes and AA is good to go with any of those genotypes but NO to AS vs AS. 
Don’t as a result of the  feelings you have for him or her destroy your unborn generation.

What is the essence of being in a relationship with him or her and you can’t engage yourself in meaningful conversation.
 If you can’t see any sense from or hear his or her opinion about certain issues, you will continue like that in marriage and your marriage will be boring because it will be SOLE PROPRIETORSHIP instead of PARTNERSHIP.

 What is your view about marriage, child bearing, companionship, pre-marital sex, responsibility. 
If you are saying A and he is saying Z you have to watch it. Your reasons and view on certain issues must be similar. 
Engage yourself and don’t neglect intellectual compatibility.

How do you and what do he feel about you? 
Check whether is it lust or love? 
Is he always excited with your presence? 
Is she always happy to see you? 
How does he or she react to when you are emotional? 
Does your temperament triats complement  each other? 
How do you react to things around him or her?

Two spenders can’t make a good home. It is either ONE is financially intelligent and ASSIST the other to be or BOTH are financially intelligent. 
Finance has destroyed a lot of homes today as a result of being money squander. 
One of the important aspect of marriage is money “ego” YES OR YES.
Two lavish spenders are no savers
Two lavish spenders will suffer their unborn children
Cultivate the habit of financial intelligence and your finance will experience increase. 
Two resources put together is better than on or none. Please, be financially compatible.

If you have issues with her or his height, shape, eyes, legs etc beware. 
Physical compatibility means you are in love not in lust with her total package and vice-versa.
The most areas youth of now always are missing it or placed has their priority is physical appearance. 
He must be TDH means Tall, Dark and Handsome. 

Please see beyond the physical, you can be deceived by the container unless you check the content of the container. 
The beauty of a woman or lady is in her character. 
Physical compatibility is good because that is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. 
His or her look must be new to you ever morning.
You both grow daily, work and stress yourself.

NOTE: The look will fade away but the real him or her will stay with you in marriage  which is the most important. 
I know you like guyz with 6packs but ensure it doesn’t lead you to 6 feet in the ground. 
I know you like busty lady, but ensure it does not later burst your buddle.
Even curvy and T-bottle ladies, hmmm you like them but ensure it will not let you experience hell on earth. 
Physical compatibility is good but see beyond the physical and embrace the content in the container.     
I see us making great homes
I see us depopulating the kingdom of darkness.

We are light and we shine forth 
Our relationship is blessed
Our marriages will be fruitful
Our marriages will stand  the test of time   
Make Jesus Christ the foundation 

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