8 Things You Must Settle Before Wedding.

Before you go the altar you need to discuss and settle the many things with your proposed partner. Don't say things will settle themselves in Marriage, people that said so years back are now regretting it in their marriage. So discuss with that Guy or Lady so that you may know what you are putting your neck into, remember, it is a life long Journey you must not step into it anyhow. Touch the following areas among others:

1: WHO TO SERVE AND HOW TO SERVE HIM: Both of you must agree how to serve God, mode of Prayer, worship, songs, church attendance etc. If a MFM Brother must marry a sister from Living Faith Church they need to talk, because their mode of prayer are different, if a C.A.C sister must marry a Christ Embassy person or Methodist brother they must talk, for their mode of worship is totally different.

2: WHAT TO DO: The kind of job you wish to do, how to do it, the problem it involves and the price anybody that will marry you must be ready to pay must be discussed.
3: NUMBER OF CHILDREN: will you like to have children? If yes, how many? Talk about this.

4: WHERE TO LIVE: Where do you desire to live, city or Village? Lagos, Abuja or London? Which part of the city will you prefer, for example for those in Lagos they need to talk about where they prefer to live and why, is it Ikotun or Ikoyi, and is it Ikorodu or Lekki? Can you afford it? You need to discuss this. No pretense please.

5: YOUR PAST LIFE STYLES: What kind of life have you lived in the past? You better discus it, you may think he or she will not know, if it happen to be exposed later it will hurt your marriage deeply. Do you have a Child out of wedlock? tell the person you want to marry, don't hide this, for how long can you hide behind a finger? it will not cover you.

6: YOUR VISION AND FUTURE PLANS: What is your vision? You want to win the World for that lord as an international traveling Evangelist? Then don't marry a Lady who believes her village is the best place to be, she should marry a Village guy who has a vision of becoming the Counselor of his ward.

You won't miss it maritally in Jesus name

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