8 Reasons Why You Are Still Single As A Lady.

I want to start be saying that while there are ladies who are single by choice, that is, they have suitors seeking for their hands in marriage but they chose to remain single for reasons best known to them, also there are many ladies who are single but not by their choice, they desire to be married, to have a man of their own and to settle down but they're finding it difficult. They are the ones I'm talking to.

So, what I want to do here is to show you some of the reasons why you are probably still single...follow me 

 1. You are desperate.
You just met a man, you barely know him and you have already started talking about marriage, you've started throwing yourself at him and performing some wifely duties so you can be a wife etc., this is wrong. The man will get choked and he will leave you immediately to catch some breath. 
When you are desperate you don't have a choice, standard and can settle for any kind of man. You'll be exploited and taken advantage of. Have some respect for yourself. Stop searching for husband. Let husband search and find you. 

2. You are not visible 
You hide yourself in the secret place of your room and still want a husband to find you. Probably, God will send you one through angel Gabriel, the heavenly messenger. 
Attend church and stay behind after service. Let bro Ken and Peter greet you, stop rushing home, what did you keep at home? Allow some of these anointed and Spirit filled brothers to find you. Attend functions(workshops, seminars, parties, etc) and network. 
Jesus brother once told Him  that, a man that wants to be a public figure, doesn't hide himself. So, they asked Him to show Himself to the world. I tell you the same thing, show yourself to the world. Be visible(John 7)

3. You're not approachable.
You build a wall and a hedge of fire around you and still want some men to approach you. Your face always looks unwelcoming, your disposition is sending wrong signals to others that they aren't welcome. Will you come to such a person if you're the one? 
Put a smile on your face. It's attractive. Stop carrying long face. Let your disposition and demeanor send positivity out. And then in your playing hard to get, there should be a limit. Don't over do. 

4. You're unkempt.
Your hair is not taken care of, you don't mind how you look and smell. You're in your twenties but looking as if  you're in your late forties, if you're the one will you marry such a person? 
I am a guy and I want to tell you a secret: almost every guy wants a woman he can pride in, a woman to boast with before his friends, and a woman he can showcase to his world. That's why you see many of them going after beautiful, naturally endowed ladies, etc. You have to look good. Dress smartly in commensurate with your age and contemporary. Be neat and smell nice.

5. You have a bad character.
Everybody is complaining about you, the exploits of your mouth. You're a one man army, all the people in your residence. You've quarreled and fought with them. You lack respect, you don't care about anything. It's either your way or nothing. My sister will you marry someone like you? 
Listen, having a good character is one of the easiest and fastest ways to get a husband. A man may overlook many things when you have a good character. So, cultivate good character. 

 6. You are being followed from the village. 
Village people are solely responsible for a lot of ladies that are yet to be married. They're beautiful, educated, well behaved and all that but they can never married because of village people. They've done something spiritually that have made it impossible for them to get married. For some ladies, it's spiritual husband. This could be another reason you're still single. 
So, if that's the case then you have got work on your hands. You have to pray your way out. Pray against every anti-mareiage spirit, spirit husband, every forces delaying your marriage. Go for deliverance. There are powers, don't deceive yourself! 

 7.  You are too archaic.
Your I took know and grandma attitude is second to none. You are too old fashioned. You're a lady in her twenties but you behaves like a 60 years old woman. Your philosophies and mentalities are abrahamic. Come on girl, this 21st century. 
I tell you, no man wants to have I too know as a wife. Every guy I know wants a smart woman, classic and a woman that's in tune with her contemporary. So, you have to upgrade. Go to school, read and learn. Upgrade. 

 8. You are a liability.
You're not adding value to your life. You're just there waiting for a man to come and marry you off you can transfer all your family problems to him. That's why men running from you. Adding you to their lives will be a minus. Don't be such a lady! 
Be a kind of woman men will be stepping on each other to have. Be a kind of woman a man will be thanking God every day to have. People gravitate towards value. So, make yourself an asset. Go to school, learn a skill, start a business, enroll for trainings and courses. Just make yourself valuable. 
Let me stop here. 

I believe there are many other reasons why you are still single as a lady. Examine yourself and know where you are found wanting and do the needful. 

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