7 Things To Invest In Instead Of Being Desperate For Marriage.

It's possible for one to get so carried away in their search for a life partner, that they forget about investing in other important areas of life which would also serve them in marriage.

Some of these areas are.
1. Your Relationship with God - you can never be disappointed by God. Some people can betray their loyalty to God to be loyal to a partner, not knowing that it's only a partner that is loyal to God that won't betray you. How much time do you invest in studying God's word? How much time do you invest in prayer? Not in praying for a spouse, rather praying for deeper connection with God. Take time to study God's word, take time to pray, take to fast.. Not necessarily because you are asking for something other than an infilling of His presence in your life. It will sustain you in marriage and life in general.

2. Non romantic relationship - don't be so invested in getting a romantic relationship that you size everyone that comes your way up as a potential spouse. Build other relationships and keep them pure.. The friend you make could have a brother or sister who could become your spouse. Keep the relationship pure and cultivate platonic friendships. Build community, they would be there for you when you have something doing.

3. Invest in knowledge about money - Money is an integral part of of life... And the language of love cannot replace the place of money.. So its good you learn about money.. It's good you get a job both male and female.. Have something.. Don't be the kind of girl that they would have to pay her cab money through and fro if she is coming for a date.. Have some sense of dignity. What if the date doesn't go well, how would you get home?... Read books on money and improve your money management skills.

4. Exposure - Expose your mind... Travel... Whether on a large scale or small.. Watch documentaries about countries to get an idea about other parts of the world. These things are on YouTube or Google.

5. Your hobbies and life skills.. What are you passionate about? Are you a gym person? Do you love lawn tennis? Do you know how to cook? What life skills do you have? Learn as much as you can.

6. Career - you can invest and become the best in your chosen field.. What have you discovered is your purpose? Outside marriage, what have you to offer?

7. Self development - you are your greatest asset.. There are people that would thrive anywhere, no matter where you put them.. Because they have invested in themselves mentally.. Read good books and attend good seminars.. Expose your mind to things that stimulate you mentally.

These are some of the areas you can invest in, while waiting for that wonderful man or woman to walk into your life.

A better version of yourself is the best gift you can give to your future spouse.

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