5 Important Things To Put In Place Before Entering A Relationship.

If you get these things right, you are going to have an amazing, productive, and healthy relationship.

1. Have a good relationship with yourself
Having a good relationship with yourself involves having healthy self-esteem, self-confidence, loving, respecting, caring, and accepting yourself the way you are, speaking and thinking positive things about yourself, and spending quality time alone doing the things you love, such as your hobbies, interests, pursuing your goals, etc. 

A healthy and good relationship with yourself will impact your mental and emotional well-being, as well as your relationship with others. If you don't have a healthy relationship and a good relationship with yourself, you will find it hard to have a good relationship with others and you will be taken for granted.

Love yourself 
Take care of yourself 
Accept yourself 
Respect yourself 
Speak good about you 
Think good about you 
Work on your self-esteem and self-confidence. 
It's because you don't have a good relationship with yourself you're asking what to do about a partner that treats you very badly. 

 2. Know who you are.
Another thing you need to put in place before entering a relationship is knowing who you are, that is, you need to be self-aware. 

Self-awareness involves being aware of your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, understanding your purpose in life, potential, gifts, strengths, weaknesses, tendencies, capabilities, and values. It’s about knowing who you are at your core.
Knowing who you are is very important when it comes to choosing a life partner. It's who you are that should determine who you marry. If you don't know yourself, your chances are high that you are going to choose wrongly.
If you don't know where you are going, you will miss road. 
If you don't know who you are, you will settle for anybody. 

 3. Have relationship goals.
Having a relationship goal is another thing to put in place before entering a relationship. Don't enter a relationship aimlessly if you don't want to suffer heartbreak tire and waste your time. 
Relationship goals refer to the desired outcomes and experiences that an individual aims for in his or her relationships. These goals represent what you want to achieve or feel within your relationship with others.
Relationship goals involve having a defined relationship, knowing what you want in a partner, having a time-bound relationship, and not let's see how it goes. 

4. Readiness to settle down.
Readiness to settle down is another thing to put in place before entering a relationship. Don't enter a relationship when you're not ready to settle down. This is one of the reasons why many people suffer a lot of heartbreaks, waste their time and energy, and by the time they are ready to settle down, they have accumulated a lot of baggage. 

Readiness to settle down is being ready emotionally, financially, mentally, spiritually, and physically for a relationship, etc. 
So, before entering a relationship ask yourself these questions... 
Am I emotionally fit? 
Do I have the financial capacity? 
Am I mentally fit? 
Am I ready spiritually? 
Do I have what it takes to resolve conflicts? 

5. Set healthy boundaries for yourself 
The Bible says a city without a wall is in danger of being invaded by enemy nations. When you don't have boundaries or standards for yourself, you will be treated anyhow anyhow. People will invade your territory and loot your palliative. 
Setting healthy boundaries for yourself involves putting in place the kind of treatment and experience you can accept and tolerate from people.

For example, not having sex with anyone before marriage, not allowing anyone to see your nakedness before marriage, not accepting disrespect, insult, cheating, abuse of anything, violence, lack of communication, support, and attention, etc, are boundaries and standards you can set for yourself. 

Setting healthy boundaries protects your well-being. Set boundaries and also respect your partner’s boundaries. 
These are 5 important things to put in place before entering a relationship. 
What do you think about these points??? 

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