17 Things Your Spouse Wants To Hear You Say In The Bedroom.

 1. "Please don't leave the bed just yet"
- It feels good when your spouse can't get enough of you.

2. "What do you recommend I wear today? This or this?".

- It feels good when your spouse asks for your opinion.

3. "Do me doggie"
- Alot of women and men love changing sexual positions. Whether husband or wife, tell your spouse to make love to you a different style.

4. "Kiss me"
- Yes ladies, it excites your husband when you are sexually aggressive.

5. "Shall we pray?"
- Blessed are you if you have a spouse that loves to pray.

6. "You look so beautiful"
- Husbands, your wife longs to hear you say this especially when naked with you. She never gets tired of you admiring and wanting her.

7. "Mmh, I love your penis"
- The penis is the one organ every man is sensitive about. Lady, praise his penis and he will feel so good with you in bed.

8. "How are you my love?"
- The bedroom should be the place for intimate conversations.

9. "We go another round?"
- How special it is to have a spouse that longs to make love to you again. How sweet it is to cool down then touch, kiss, rub and start another session of love making.

10. "Good morning my love"
- There is unspeakable joy waking up to the face of the one you love in a brand new day
11. "Good night honey".

- These little words have a huge impact. Don't just get to bed and turn then sleep. Close the day properly. Even kiss goodnight.

12. "That was so good"
- After making love, tell your spouse how much you enjoyed it.

13. " Relax my love, I will attend to our baby"
- Husbands, when you have a small baby, your wife will feel good when you offer to attend to the crying baby sometimes. Allow her to rest as you have a daddy-baby moment.

14. "Everything will be alright"
- In the bedroom, your spouse will open up to you about his/her fears and concerns.

Allay those fears
15. "You will have a great day my love"
- Before your spouse steps out of the bedroom, speak a blessing into each other's day. Words are powerful.

16. "I love you"
- In the bedroom is where 'I love you' should be said the most. It is your joint haven and island.

17. "That feels so good"
- When your spouse is massaging you, sexually licking you, sucking you or rubbing you; let him/her know how good you are feeling. It motivates him/her to do it more

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