1. CANOPY BROTHERS: These brothers are just there in your life and you can't define their relationship. Are they friends or fiancés? They play the roles of a husband except for sex. They shield you from seeing and meeting other men. 

Their problem is their indecision either to propose or stay away. Canopy brothers are time wasters, in most cases, they end up disappointing you. Even you as a lady, you're confused and can't define what you're doing with them. Canopy brothers monitor more than your dad. You cook for them, give to them and play together except for sex. Please break away from such a thing.

2. PLAYERS: These as brothers who act as serious fiancés but they are sex mongers, gold diggers and usurpers. They give you false hope and fake assurance. You serve them as a cook, house help and sex tool but they are never real. 

Players are bad! They are expert at deception and heartbreaks. If you're in a trap of a player only God can deliver you. Players are demonic, yes they are! Players are users! Players are taskmasters! Please, violently and unrepentantly break up with them.

3. DESTINY HELPERS: This class of men are very few. These are brothers genuinely interested in your future and destiny. They are ready to support you to any length. They have carried out a personal study about you and know what you would become, and they are ready to sacrifice their time, money and resources for you. They love God truly. They will never hide their weaknesses from you yet they won't hurt you with them. 

They believe so much in their future. They are very caring. But in most cases, you hardly love this kind of man. WHY? Check it! They may not be rich but they respect you. They may not be as handsome as you want but they are destiny helpers indeed. 

Don't judge these men by your feelings and emotions but let God and the voice of destiny lead them to you. Prayerfully seek this breed of brothers. Some men are destiny helpers.

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