The Truths You Should Know About Contentment In Marriage.

The Truths You Should Know About Contentment In Marriage.

Marriage is very awesome, sweet, and enjoyable but just as many factors are responsible for making it work and successful, so also are many factors are responsible for making it fail too. One of the main keys that makes marriage happy and successful is called: CONTENTMENT.

You may have asked, what is contentment?
Contentment is simply an attitude of happiness and satisfaction exhibited by an individual. So a contented man or a woman is someone who is always happy and satisfied not minding the situation they find themselves in at that particular point in time.

When you link this to marriage, contentment then means being happy and satisfied with your spouse for who they are, and what they have before you became one as husband and wife.

Contentment is an attitude, and as we all know, our mindset to things must always be a positive one. In a marriage or relationship, the two partners are to be contented with themselves in every aspect of that union. Lack of contentment is the reason why many marriages around the world today have heat the rock.

Now let's see the areas where contentment should be displayed in marriage:
1) Religious belief.
2) Ethnicity.
3) Country of origin.
4) Educational qualifications.
5) Social and financial status.
6) Physical outlook.
7) Accommodation.
8) Profession.
9) Love Making.

Contentment should start from the level of relationship. If satisfied with what one knows or sees about the other spouse, then the relationship should graduate to marriage because you are contented with the person.
Sadly many people today care less about the salient issues during courtship meanwhile is during courtship that you should discover what will make you accept him or her for marriage. Little or no attention is given to the things that matter so much to them simply because they forgot that preparation for a happy and successful marriage takes place in courtship. To many people, courtship is all about having fun and merriment alone. A mistake so many people have made and a lot of people are still doing the same mistake.

When we were still dating and courting those days, my woman and I discussed real issues a lot so we can easily handle it if eventually shows up in marriage. I am from the Eastern part of Nigeria while she is a Yoruba woman. I asked her some things about her tribe, beliefs, traditions, and culture. She asked me the same question as well. We were both satisfied with our answers which made us start thinking about getting married to each other. We talked about accommodation. 

Back then I was living in a room and parlor apartment. She visited me there a few times and she was satisfied with it. The next we quickly looked at my income then, she was also satisfied with it. The next thing was my profession, and she also expressed satisfaction about it. We got married a few years later I was still in those conditions, and her satisfaction didn't stop or changed. Two years into our marital life the condition changed a bit. When I got another job with better pay and we moved into a self-contained apartment. She was still satisfied with me and was happy as well.

Please understand that contentment doesn't mean that you don't want more out of life and things that make you happy. It simply means that you are happy and satisfied with what you have at that point in time. As a newly wedded couple back then, we lacked many things that would add value to either life or to our marriage. We ate food that is not deliciously prepared. No money to buy trending clothes or the best designer's clothes. The house we are staying in is not in good shape. We only had one kitchen, one toilet, and one bathroom for eight families to use, so automatically we are living in a public yard. Sometimes to bathe, we have to be in a queue waiting for our turn before taking our bath. In that compound we had so many people that are troublesome fellows who were not cooperating on most issues that have to do with the wellness of the compound, so every now and then there were serious arguments and sometimes this argument leads to quarreling in the compound.

Now here's why I am telling you all this life story: my wife is a graduate and comes from a good family. She lived in her parents' duplex before getting married to me. Yet she agreed to marry me in such a very difficult situation. She has been contented from day one in our marriage till this very moment. May God bless her for her understanding of life and marriage in Jesus's name, amen.
Sometimes I wonder why some couples will decide to be a pain to the other partner in their marriage. Why would someone see and know what they are getting into and will get into it and start troubling and pressuring the other person? That's really not fair for any reason. Please you should stop it.

As a man, you like ladies with "big buttocks." busty and fair-complexioned ladies. Why did you go for a "flat-behind," "tiny-breasted" and dark-complexioned woman as a wife you to marry while you fully know that she's not the type of woman you love to marry? Now you are not satisfied with her endowment and keep hurting her in that marriage.

Please stop hurting her feelings, because it's all your fault. Yes, you are at fault because that's who you choose to marry, please cherish her and make her feel loved and cared for as she expected from you.
Dear women, you married a low-income earner as a husband. Why do you disrespect and ridicule him every now and then because he doesn't have money as much as other men you know have? Why are you hurting him emotionally? Why didn't you marry those "rich guys you are now admiring"?

My wife and I are very ambitious kinds of people. We like class and have taste for luxury things. But since we didn't have what it takes to have the classy and luxurious things of life as we desired, we then exercised contentment. Never in our marriage has my wife given me attitude because I didn't have a particular thing she wanted me to get for her. Never in our marriage has my wife denied me or deprived me of lovemaking on account of her unmet needs or expectations from me as her husband. Never in our marriage did my wife disrespect me in the presence of her family members because I couldn't give anything to her parents back then. Rather, she was very contented and supportive as well, we were very contented with each other as spouses too. Today, we are still a very contented and happy couple.

My dear friends and readers all over the world, life is in phases and men are in sizes, and this gives needs and reasons for patience and contentment. Misery in marriage is not a product of a lack of many things being admired by one couple, but a lack of contentment and patience. 

Please let's all develop a habit of contentment today, and see how happy and satisfied we will be in our respective marriages whether in plenty or in penury. Your best days are still ahead so stay contented with your spouse.

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