Relationship, Courtship And Marriage Advice For Those That Want Happy And Successful Marriage.

As men, especially African men, we like conquests. In fact, we derive a lot of happiness by conquering things. Dating ladies is seen as conquest to men. We take pride in talking about how many ladies we have dated, or sometimes slept with. We feel powerful, on top of the world.

But guys, please hear this priceless advice from a father-figure and mentor:
You just can't date "some ladies", let alone marrying them. Ladies are like pairs of shoes that have sizes. And you must only go for your size. Please understand that.
In some relationships, the ladies are "oversized" to the men they're involved with. Such men can't handle them because their marital ideologies are far higher than those men's own, yet because of their African manly pride, they stubbornly refuse to take a "bow out."

I am a relationship and Marriage coach, a very knowledgeable, intelligent, cute and romantic guy. Yet with all these attributes, I just can't date some ladies. Any lady I will date must be my size, that's, she must share same marital ideologies with me.
"Otherwise, is John Benson or Usain Bolt I will be."

Sometime ago, a young man boastfully told me that as a man he can date any lady. I told him that he can't, he argued and I left him alone.

After some time he got married to a very beautiful and intelligent woman that I advised him against. They wedded. He was very much happy to be a married man.
But just a month into their marriage, he came crying to me that he's "finished', that he "wants out" of the marriage.
"Oh you want a divorce after just a month of marriage?" I joked with my reply.
"I thought you could marry just any lady." I added.

"Some men get big mouth sha."
As I speak to you right now, there are many husbands who can't sleep in their houses again because they have pick race from their once- upon- a- time lovely wives.
"When someone is here giving them a harmless advice, they will focus on argument that will not benefit them anything.

I am a super-happily married man. It's not because I am better than or more special than you all. "For where?"

"I used common sense when I got married. I quietly went for my type."
Someone who understands marriage the way I understand it. Someone who shares same marital ideologies with me.
Simple as ABC, isn't it?
"Na so e be."

Once again, I am appealing to my amazing single men in this group. See beyond the physique, the fashion sense, the finesse of the voice of that lady.

It's alright to date or marry a pretty or beautiful wife. By the way, my wife is a beautiful woman also. But check if you are compatible with her first.

If she is, please go for her with all your heart. But if she isn't, please leave her alone or better still, end the relationship is you were already involved with her.

Marrying right is the secret. In your marriage you will pray less over your spouse for them to do the right thing. But if you marry wrong, be ready to become an "emergency prayer warrior" over your wife.
But that was an avoidable situation you chose to bring upon yourself. You were stubborn, foolish and arrogant. "Please don't choose wrongly."

May God give you all understanding.

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