HOW To Find The Right Person.

Previously, I I have defined and explained in detail who is the right person. But just to refresh your thoughts, here's it again.

I said that the right person is someone suitable to you, and compatible with you, in agreement with you, equally yoke with you, has a good attitude that you like, and is the will of God for your to marry. 

In this second phase of the article, what I want to do is to reveal to you how you can find the right individual you want to marry. Therefore, by the end of this particular post, you should know how to find the right person to marry. 

Now the crucial part of marrying the right person cannot be overemphasized because that's the number one step you should take for a successful marriage. When you marry the right person, the challenges you will face in marriage is almost settled. When you marry the right person, he or she will bring out your true personality. 

We have an illustration of somebody who got married to the perfect person, he name is Isaac, Abraham's son. He was 40 years old as at the time he got married to his wife. The Bible reveals that when Rebecca entered into the life of this young man, Isaac was comforted. He Mom dead before he met his wife Rebecca, however when Rebecca came into his life, he was enormously ameliorated. That's what happens when you marry the ideal individual, you will be happy. Read Genesis chapter 24 verse 67.

5 Ways You Can Find The Right Person To Marry.

1. Be The Right Person First.
Many of us are concerned about marrying the right person meanwhile they are not even close to being the right person to other people. One of the reasons why many of us find it difficult to find the right person is because we are hardly the right person ourselves. When you are the right person and I am the right person as well, we will easily find ourselves. 

So, the number one best ways you can find the right person is to be the right person yourself. You cannot be mamaid and you want to marry an Angel. It doesn't work that way. More often than not, you will always attract your kind of person. 

You want a God-fearing man, do you fear God? You want someone with a good character, do you have a good character as well? Don't be like the Pharisees that have planks in their eyes but go about looking for those with dust in their eyes that they will remove. First, be the right person then, you will see clearly when the right person comes your way.

2. Pray About it.
In Genesis chapter 24, we saw how Isaac found Rebecca who brought comfort to his life. Abraham sent his main man to go to his clan and search for a wife for Isaac. The chief servant wasn't canal about finding a wife for his master's son, he prayed about it and God answered him in verses 12 to 15.
Normally, you shouldn't do anything without praying to God for directions. But when it comes to marriage, I think you need to pray more because anyone you marry, you are involving your life with that person. That is the person you're going to be vulnerable with all the days of your life. That's someone person you are going to be will sleep every day, dine in the same table with him or her and do every other thing else in the house. 

In the book of Proverbs chapter 3 verse 6 to 7, the Bible explained that in all your ways you should acknowledge God and He will direct your steps. When you read Matthew chapter 7 verse 7 and 8, the bible also says that you should ask, seek, and knock and you will receive, you will find and the door will be open to you. 

So, always pray and ask God if the person you want to marry right now or about to enter into relationship with is the right person for you. Always Pray and ask God to direct you to someone that's right for you! 

3. Proper Dating And Courtship.
Dating and courtship are practically the same thing. They are ways of assessing, examining, and determining the suitability of the person you are choosing as a life partner. They are ways of finding out if someone is right to be a wife or husband to you. The difference between dating relationship and courtship is that during dating a third-party is not usually involved but in courtship, a third-party is involved, someone like your spiritual father, and church marriage committee is aware of you and your spouse and they will be mentoring and watching over you guys till you are ready for marriage.

Some people don't comprehend the importance of dating and courtship which makes them to abuse it. Dating and courtship are not going from one restaurant to another eating fried rice and chicken, gulping down cups of ice cream, visiting the cinema and eating popcorn, visiting the beach, attending functions together, etc. These things are just social activities involved in dating and courtship but they're not dating or courtship itself.
Dating and courtship provide you with an opportunity to get to know someone. They allow learning about someone, especially a member of the opposite gender. They allow you to ask the person questions about his beliefs, the things he believes in, his values, hob, interests, aspirations, health, finance, and virtually everything about him or her. 

4. Observe The Person
Sometimes back, a lady sent message to my inbox requesting for advice. Her challenge is that a man with 4 children and claiming that he hasn't married before is asking for her hand in marriage. The man  doesn't want to see her family and to make it worse, he usually abuse her too.

I didn't delay in telling her to stay away from the man if she love her life and want to enjoy it in the future with a responsible man. 
To observe means to carefully note, record, or pay attention to something. Different scientific inventions and theories we enjoy today, came because of the efforts made via observation. That's to say that we can learn one or two things from observation. 

So, take time to observe the person. How does the person respond to issues, and to people around ? What are the things the person likes doing or usually talk about? Make careful Observation. Pay attention to details. You can discover a lot by observing that person.

5. Investigate The Person. With my childhood experiences in the village, when a man want to marry a lady of his choice, he will send a few family members together with trusted friends to the young lady's village and make inquiries from individuals about the girl and her family.
The same thing from the girl's side, they will send people to the guy's place to go and ask questions. More often than not, the feedback they get will determine whether or not they will proceed with the marriage. They marry them based on recommendation.

Request for a legit feedback from individuals close to the individual you are about to marry, their closed friends, associates at work, family members, and neighbors as well. It's not everything they say is likely to be true but when they are all practically saying the same thing, at least there will be atom of truths in them. 
Feedback is very powerful. So, don't take it for a childs play. Don't be a blind lover. Ask questions and get information from the person's friends, neighbors, colleagues and possibly family members. 

Alright readers, now you have it, the 5 ways you can find the right person for a successful marriage. May you not miss it maritally.

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