19 Characters You And Your Spouse Should Have This Year As Couple.

The year has started, not that we are about to enter it, whatever decision you are taking together as couple should be something that you will be grateful for at the end of the year or many years to come.

This post will help both singles and married to take right decision this year.

1. Create a joint vision for your marriage or relationship. Don't just stay together without aim, direction or goals to to achieve this year. Make agreement on the areas you want to grow in, somethings that will give meaning and add values to your life and family in general.

2. Always give each other eye contact more than the previous years, this type of communication is create more avenue for love and attention. The surprising thing is that for some people the more they stay together, the less they show care and love towards each other.

3. Complain less about your partner.  Tone down the fault finding remote against your spouse. The more you appreciate one another,  the more you will be inspired to do something better for each other. Appreciate your partner's good actions than concentrating on their weakness.

4. Communicate better than previous years. Start by sending each other warmer romantic texts, give phone calls to each other more than before even if it's just for a brief discussion. Check down your numerous messages and see love. Be each other's peace maker, it's more beneficial.

5. Laugh and smile more often than before. Look for things that bring you both happiness. Watch your favorite comedies together, be each other's clown at all times, share funny videos you see on social media, smile more for little things. You will see that there will be more unity and happiness than it was in the past.

6. Support your partner's dreams. Nobody among you should feel that their progress is being curtailed. Find out your partner's visions and dreams for the year and help to achieve it, remember you will also be celebrated by others for supporting your partner.

7. Increase your joint wealth. Analyse how the two of you can make more money and use the money to maximize your earnings. Add or improve the sources of your income streams. Save and invest where necessary.

8. Find a someone, a family member to help or something you can do together as a couple. Be a blessing to people around you as a joint force. From the day you start being a blessing to others together, you will not focus on little fights that always distracts you.

9. Listen to the things that concerns your partner about your friends or your attitude and see if they are substantive. Don't hold on to friends and a lifestyle that will bring you and your spouse down, disconnect yourself entirely from such a thing.

10. Agree on visiting your parents and in-laws together and discuss the ways you can be a blessing to them as one indivisible body. Don't do it alone, become one force with your soulmate and you will achieve a significant result.

11. Pray more together as one family. Form your individual closeness with God and walk with God as a couple, involve God to be part of your life and family. If you want to go higher you should be directed by the right person who is already higher than you and that person is God.

12. Think Of how to achieve your legacy as a couple in mind. What type of legacy do you want to leave behind to this computer age and to your children as a couple? Mentor your children especially how to work smart instead of working hard, mentor them about being financially independent. Create success stories out of this year, yes is possible.

13. Be more concerned and comfortable about listening to each other and making each other feel special by tradition, making your hubby to love you the way you wants to be loved and vice versa. It will also make it easier for you to Know their love languages.

14. Travel together. Try out new places you have never visited or things you have not felt before. Go out on dates to places of interest more than previous years and enjoy quality time with yourselves. Companionship needs allocated time for enough enjoyment.

15. Decide to please each other more in bedroom than you did last year. Desire to give your spouse an amazing pleasures, new styles and positions, enjoy yourselves without timetable because there's no better days to do it than now.

16. Listen less to gossip about each other from other people that's trying to bring down your marriage. Be smart enough not to allow your phones to come in between you and your spouse. Give your partner the attention they deserve from you, don't give your partner's attention to your phone, it can lead to division in your home.

17. Learn to say "Please" and "Thank you". Do not take your lover for granted. Give and exercise courtesy at every opportunity you have to do it, and do it with a good heart. This will make your spouse feel more comfortable , loved, and appreciated by you.

18. Have some quiet time together without the distraction of your children. Go for date nights; where it will be just the two of you enjoying each other's presence, and having bedroom conversations without distractions. 

19. Invoke life and and God's blessing into your spouse's life every day. Your words carry a lot of power and anointing. Words spoken with good intentions can uplift, encourage  motivate, inspire and build a loving soulmate.

There's no better way to build the happy marriage of your desire than this. Nobody can do it for you better than you would do it for yourself so take the step now that you can.

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