10 Ways To Know If The Person You Love Truly Misses You.

Are you in a distance relationship or married but you guys are staying in different locations? Or, did you recently move far away from your sweetheart due to your job or because of relocation? Do you miss him or her and also want to know if they miss you as well? With this article, I will guide you on how to know if the person you truly love is truly missing you. 

All these signs are what you will notice when he or she begins to miss you.

1) If he or she opens up to you directly whether or not you asked them. This is one of the best ways to know if you are being missed by your lover. He or she can't wait for long to tell you how much they have missed you since you traveled. By their behaviors and tones, while talking on the phone, you will confirm if they truly miss you as claimed.

2) If they call you always. Your lover misses you dearly if he can't stay an hour without calling you on the phone or sending you a romantic message. He or she may not have any important thing to discuss at a point in time, but just to hear your voice and be happy. You have to understand this kind of feeling when someone calls you repeatedly just to hear your voice or to ask you what have you eaten since morning, or I just want to check on you. You don't have to get bored picking the calls, because it is a way to tell that he or she truly misses your presence.

3) If the person spends more time with you on the phone. Have you ever woken up in the morning only to discover that you are still on the phone? This is when you will realize that the two of you were on call for a very long time and that both of you guys even slept off in the process. This is a clear sign that you are being missed by your partner.

4) If they send you romantic messages frequently. He may not want to disturb you with his repeated phone calls, but he would like to let you know that he really miss you through romantic text message. Your lover could send you a love text message 3 or 5 times a day. Don't see it as a disturbance.

5) If she wakes you up in the middle of the night with her calls, just to know if you are sleeping or still awake, just know that you are all she has been thinking about. This may appear abnormal but is part of a romantic experience in a romantic relationship, it is also a way to know if your lover misses you as much as you have missed her. If she is truly missing you, she will always wake you up in the morning with romantic calls, and also be the last to talk to you before you go to bed at night.

6) If He Usually FaceTime You. If your sweetheart really misses you, they will always want to see you or request to see your recent picture. Depending on the distance between you guys,  this happens especially if either of you can't come or go to the other person, he or she will then Facetime you.

7) If they always ask for your pictures or request to have a video call with you. This is one of the good ways to know if he or she is missing you. He will always want to know what is happening around you and also where you are. He could also want to know what, and how you are doing, and what you are eating or cooking. Seeing your recent pictures alone is enough to make him happy.

8) If she keeps sending you her recent pictures. If she does this, it simply means that she is missing your presence. Of course, if you were with her, you would have taken pictures with her. Therefore, she wouldn't want you to miss the moment completely just like that, she will keep sending you pictures of different styles.

9) If they think about you and you think about them too at the same time. One of the signs is when you are calling her on the phone, at the same time she is also calling you as well.

10) Their reactions when they finally see you after a long time of being physically distanced from each other. If you want to know if you truly miss her, pay her a surprise visit especially when you know that she will be at home, her reactions will make you wonder if she actually missed you or not.

If someone has been missing you, they will be very excited to see you. They will spoil you with attention, love, care, admiration, and affection.

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