5 Signs You Are Wasting Time In A Relationship And What To Do About It.

5 Signs Someone Is Wasting Your Time Or You Are Wasting Your Time Over Someone In A Dating Relationship. 

Is not just about being in a relationship but it's important to define your relationship while you are enjoying the companionship of each other. Undefined relationship has caused many heartbreaks even though not all relationship will lead to marriage it is very crucial you know where you are heading, to avoid being stranded on the road of a dating relationship that you think is leading to marriage. 

This brought us to the topic of the day, while in a dating relationship, it's important to know when someone you sincerely love is wasting your time for no just reason. The signs are listed below: 

1) When EXCUSES are the order of the Day from your partner. When someone doesn't love you and doesn't want you in their life, they will do a bunch of things to avoid Commitment Or Sacrifices, usually those excuses will be produced to cover up some unfair actions. 

For instance: You agree to go see your parents next weekend, next weekend comes and unexpectedly an excuse comes up, "that his or her parents traveled, or that he is sick, or my monthly menstruation started today"..... And you both agreed to shift it to Next week, another excuse, till a full year is taken off.

You agree to go on a date or go someplace together hereafter, and the following morning, you get an excuse, "date or plan canceled". And this becomes a repeating trend or habit.

Reasons why they can't see your parents, why you can't see their parents, excuses why they can't be at your birthday ceremony, why they couldn't visit you in the infirmary. And most of these Excuses are flimsy and lame simply because it's not reliable. 

2) TIME is Going, they are capable, but they have refused to put Marriage on the table but still professing love to you every day. He is working, he is satisfied adequately financially, he is aged enough to get married, and everything is there as a mature man, BUT he's pulling his feet backward all the time while enjoying your goods and services as girlfriend the bestie. 

The relationship is now 4 years since you guys started dating, but even, he won't talk about Marriage or come to see your Parents so they can know him. You need to know where you are in his heart, do you have a replacement or he's already married to someone else but still can not open up to you? 

3) UNNECESSARILY PROLONGED RESPONSE. You suggested marriage in January 2019, and in August 2021, no response from her either yes or no to your marriage proposal, she declined to Say No or Yes for reason reasons best known to her, but she's still giving you the green light of love, stringing you along, enjoying your attention and affection.

Your marriage proposal to her is plan B., the day Plan her plan A works for her as she has desired, you will realize you have wasted 3 years waiting for someone not ready to marry you. Is important to know the goal of the relationship because you may just be an option. 

4) No Sacrifices Or Efforts On Their Part To Make The Relationship Work. Only People who have a long-term permanent plan for you in their lives will make Sacrifices and make an effort to have a relationship, those who don't want to use it will be unreasonable and beneficial to them to do so. For every relationship to flourish there must be sacrifice, commitment, and effort because you and your partner are the pioneers of the relationship, and the efforts of one person can not make it to be successful. When you are the only one making efforts and sacrifice, be mindful because you may be dating yourself thinking you are in a relationship with someone who loves you dearly. 

5) The person you are in love with is not worried to lose you in his or her life as spouse. Nobody wants to lose something they want or someone they hold special in their heart.
A person who wants you wouldn't want to lose you to someone else because of who you are to them.

Talking words like "On the off chance that you are intrigued of being in this dating undertaking with me, you can walkaway, I won't beseech you to stay in relationship with me" and "There are many people out there I can choose to love, you think I will miss you?" or such attitudes coming regularly should be sufficiently okay to make you smell the coffee. It may be said in anger but when it has become part of the person's methods of communication, then you should know that you are just an option in his or her life. 

Stay away from relationship time wasters. 5 years in a dating relationship is not 5 Months. This half a decade is sufficient to know if you are compatible and can get married, don't study your lover as if the person has become a university cause. Love alone is not enough but there should be commitment, sacrifice, teamwork, positive efforts, and other things such as submission, loyalty, faithfulness, trust, and happiness, if these things are missing out, you have to pray more for God to direct you more.

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