The Significant Things That Will Make Your Marriage Fruitful And Durable.

Remember that If you are not ready to compromise when you get married, then you should know that you are not ready to get married. You can never put two people together in the same house without seeing them having disagreements or at one point misunderstanding themselves at least once in a while but the ability to compromise without involving a third party in your marriage is what keeps the marriage going, happy and successful.

I don’t believe in bringing anyone into my marriage to settle any difference between me and my partner, not even my father or my mother. Thanks to God my husband also feels the same way with me. Sometimes we argue and disagree for different reasons, but we never let it escalate into any form of violence. We never go to bed while still angry at each other, if the matter is not settled, nobody goes to sleep. Whatever discussion that starts between us, ends between us right in our house without another person being involved.

In marriage, just professing love to your partner is not enough. You can love someone without being willing to be committed to them or in the success of the Marriage you are in with them. I have seen many marriages that were built in love, later go sour over minor irreconcilable disagreements simply because both parties were proving stubborn. Both the husband and the wife are captains in their ship called marriage. The marriage didn’t last up to 2 years and they were divorced.

As a smart woman, you should always allow your husband to make all the rules, and trust him always to make the right decisions favorable to both of you. He is the head of the family while you are the neck that connects the head to the body, you understand the point now, right? Any time his rules are not favorable to you, just find a loving way to bend the rules without making him feel disrespected or inferior in any way. Men have their ways of doing things and attending to issues but a smart woman has her ways of pleasing her husband without being disrespectful.

Marriage is not a bed of roses but you can make your marriage a bed of roses and beautiful if you are ready to compromise. As a good and intelligent woman, it’s very simple to be happy in marriage, especially if you are married to someone that positive and who's putting all their efforts into meeting you halfway to make your marriage successful and extremely peaceful.

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