15 Ways To Keep Your Relationship Working.

The happiness of everyone is to see their relationship moving to a permanent site, but it is important to note that Gold doesn't just become Gold, it has passed through a whole lot of tough processes before it became Gold.

A relationship can't just start working if these things stated here are not taken care of by the parties involved. For your relationship to work and move to a permanent site, i.e for a relationship that is destined to lead to marriage because not all relationships will lead to marriage, you have to:

1) Love each other: Even though love alone is not enough to make your relationship work, you should love your partner as if there is no one like the person, or as if there is no other day to love again.

2) Don't lie to your spouse, or tell lies against your spouse: Lies have no future, even if you are an expert in it, the day it will backfire, you cannot imagine the ugly results they will give you. Telling lies is dangerous than we thought therefore, don't allow that in your relationship.

3) Allow intimacy and lovemaking: Lovemaking is more than just physical, it includes emotional, spiritual, body, and soul. The same thing applies to intimacy. Let there be no vacuum for these two things, or else your partner may be taken by another person.

4) Stay sweet for your lover: Staying sweet includes being romantic, looking attractive every day, smelling nice fragrances, and looking beautiful or handsome for your partner to the extent that your presence will be irresistible to them.

5) When u get hurt by your partner forgive and forget: There will be offenses and mistakes because nobody is a saint, and the best way to handle it is to forgive even before your spouse will apologize to you.

6) Never talk about breakups: No matter how deeply you may have been hurt by your lover, or maybe your expectations in the relationship are not met anymore, don't talk about breaking up instead think and plan how to ameliorate the challenges, fix the issue and become happy again.

7) Forgot about pride and ego: These are some of the happiness blockades that have terminated the happiness of so many marriages and relationships. The adequate thing to accomplish is to deal with it. Is not bad to be proud or egocentric but when it becomes too much in your lifestyle, it will hurt you badly.

8) If you say sorry mean it: One of the hardest words I have heard people say in marriage or relationship is "sorry," meanwhile this word is so powerful that it can mend a broken heart, heal emotional wounds, and bring separated hearts together and make them one again, still many people find it difficult to say it with a clean and open heart.

9) Never say it's okay when it's not okay with you: Keeping malice, bottling anger, and keeping records of offenses against your love is one of the worst things you should ever do in your relationship. Open up and express your feelings, don't say it's okay when it's not okay.

10) Don't compare ur past with your present: The future is always and will forever be brighter than the past. Don't compare your present relationship with your past relationship because it will make you lose focus, you will be distracted by what to do to make your relationship work. Focus on where you are and make it better because where you were before wasn't good for you that is one of the reasons why you entered into another relationship, so focus on making your relationship a happy one instead of comparing and contrasting.

11) Don't talk about your exes: If your ex-lover was good you wouldn't have been in another relationship. Don't talk about your ex-lover, or start wishing to go back to her. They are now in your past so face your future except you want to be the one to destroy your own home.

12) Relationship is and take process: Don't expect to receive tremendous love from your sweetheart if you don't show love to him or her. Don't expect peace of mind if you don't give peace, don't also expect gifts, attention, intimacy, romance, respect, care, loyalty, and commitment if you have not offered them to your partner. You can only receive what you gave. Get up on your feet, and start giving these things if you want to receive them.

13) Beware of his or his feelings: We all have feelings, and we have emotions, whether you are making decisions, or anything you are doing, remember the feelings of your partner so you will not look selfish or indirectly hurt the person's feelings. The bottom line is; to value your partner in anything you are doing.

14) When you fight or have any argument or misunderstanding with your lover, don't let the day pass without making peace with him or her.

15) Don't be the perfect one instead be the right one for your lover. Nobody is perfect but you can be the right one your spouse has been waiting to spend the rest of his life with.

Contemplate these things and act on accomplishing them.
Be the one to make your relationship a happy one, let other people around you wish to be in your position.

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